Cost to pull and install engine?

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  1. I just dont have knowledge or friends to do so. I was wondering if anyone know the going rate to pull and install a engine. Labor only....I plan to have the new engine sent to a auto shop. Thanks..
  2. Depends on the shop. Well over a grand. I'm doing my motor swaps myself, and learning a lot as I go, and saving big bucks.
  3. its easier than you think to do it yourself, u only need 2 people, necessary tools, and a hoist.
  4. Just take your time, and make sure you don't have circles for header bolts, that will make you curse like me.

    Pony up and fix your pony.
  5. Just make sure you mark all your wires and vac lines before hand. Other then that if its a crate motor its just a plug and play thing :nice:
  6. if you dont have the tools or friends to pull your engine...DONT. Do not listen to others on the board that have done it before. There is more to it than just "pulling out the engine."

    For a shop to pull and drop in your other one...I am assuming that you are driving the car to the shop and then driving it from the shop.....Id say anywhere from $750-$1000. Depends on what part of the country you are in also.
  7. Expect to pay around $1000.
    And i agree with Allcarfan, pulling an engine is not for everyone.
    Hell, some shops can have the engine out and back in, before you'd even be able to get the H pipe off.
    There is also more peace of mind, when you have a qualified mechanic do your work, espcially in a DD.

    My buddy owns a mustang only shop, and i get to see all the butchered home owner work first hand. Sometimes it's not pretty, then the money they saved doing it themselves goes to having him put it together again, this time correctly.

    Problems that he sees includes: Loose bolts, wrong bolts in wrong places, bad HG jobs, bad intake gaskets, missing bolts, and the number 1 problem has got to be, screwed up vacumm lines.
  8. Thanks...
  9. 2 people, i pulled my by myself. i have a hoist. plus i know where everything is now instead of a friends help and not putting stuff in the right places and come up missing bolts
  10. Two people? Some of us arent' that lucky to have friends, lol. I have done it by myself about 5 times and the last time I did it was in a gravel driveway. fun for me
  11. One of the harder parts is figuring out if you want the engine and tranny in on piece.