Cost To Recalibrate Prom 77

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  1. Anyone know what pro M charges to recalibrate their meters? I'm thinking about picking up a used one to replace my C & L 73mm. I understand the Pro M is a much better meter?
    The used one I'm looking at is calibrated for 50# inj and I have 24's so it'll need some doctoring.
    Everyone agree with what I've heard? which is the C&L is junk next to the pro M and from what I can find in comparison studies looks to be worth 7-11hp more across the band. I'm starting to think about leaving the tfs #1 cam over swapping to the #2 like I planned and just swapping meters instead (motor has to come out anyway, cracked block). I like the #1 but its a lot tamer than I thought it'd be but I don't want too much cam for street either as it's 90% streetcar. Any thoughts? Anyone run the tfs # 2 which is same grind as old crane (224/[email protected] dur. 542/.563 lift w 1.6)
    TFS #1= 221/[email protected] dur, .499/.510 lift. So I'm not so sure I want that much more cam, although the #1 was surprisingly docile to me as I did a H/C/I swap and only had stock to compare to.
    Sorry to go Soo far off topic.
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  2. 100 dollars . Yes IMO C&L are garbage.

    I think in another thread you asked about cams and consenus was go custom.
  3. Yeah your right I did ask about cams and I'm still hung up on the trick flow ha ha. For one, I found one cheap and I just can't see putting the extra $ in a custom now that such a deal on the #2 tfs has come along, and since the #1 is so streetable I may just keep it if cam swap is only gonna net me 10-15hp and sacrifice drivability. Idk I wwaayy overthink things. Plus I'm not building a race car so.... Arghhh I just don't know! I want the perfect, simple combo lol.
  4. While i certainly think a used pro M is way better than a c&l, it's really not a good value to buy it used with the wrong calibration, when you can usually find a used 77,80 and even 90 for like $200 with the right calibration.

    To buy it with the wrong calibration if would have to be dirt cheap, like $25.
  5. $25 is pretty close.
  6. Do You guys agree that if I'm going to get rid of the C&L Pro-M 77 is the only way to go?
    The more I think about it the more I think like was said above, I don't know about buying a used air meter.
    What about BBK? They're more moderately priced, and do not use the stock electronics. I've just always heard the pro m is the best, but I've only run the C&L
    Thanks guys!
  7. I'm not seeing them this cheap, $425ish is what I'm finding.
    Would you worry about it being used? I suppose if it's being recalibrated it should be fine? I'm growing leary of it used and so cheap.
  8. I'm actually selling one on eBay, I debated replacing my 76mm C&L with it. But the car runs just fine and it makes no sense. But $100 to recalibrate is an awesome deal.
  9. You may have to look around a bit. I'm not sure what your injector size is either.
    Over the years i've had 3 different 75mm bullets, all were $100 or less.
    A 77 pro m.
    And then and 80mm PMAS.
    Now an SCT 2400 (for modular engines) which i got for $75.
    I don't actually think i paid more than $150 for a single one, all were used.

    Meters sell for pretty much whatever the next one costs.

    Check ebay, craigs and forum classifieds.

    Not sure where you are getting $425.
    Pro M 80's brand new sell on ebay for $309

    There are few brand names to watch for.
    PRO M
    All good meters.
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  10. If it were me, I'd get a slot maf. Newer design and can be used as a draw through or blow through.
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  11. Ok thanks I'll look around a little better.
  12. Im selling mine for $150. But I'm negotiable. Just sayin.....
  13. Have you already listed it?
    I'll buy it from you. What size injectors is it calibrated for?
  14. Haven't heard of this before, work with stock electronics? I don't see boost in the future so would there be a benefit?
  15. Something else to consider is that your signature says your car is tuned.
    Changing the meter will likely result in either pulling the chip, or retuning it.
    Not sure if the slotted meters are available calibrated, so that may for sure require a retune.
    A Pro m will likely just require you pull the chip.
  16. Its set up for 36lb injectors. it came off a 97 Cobra, so you will need the adapter harness from Modular to Fox.

    Link to ebay listing so you can see pictures.
  17. Yes it is tuned with a multi-tune (is that right?) chip and I intent to have it retuned after cracked block is replaced and I decide which hardware to go with. As I never did get a nitrous tune for it.

    Thanks guys
  18. So a 96/ later maf will work on a pushrod engine?
  19. I still can't find any nearly that cheap on eBay right now. BBK has a 76mm w/electronics for about $210 and a cpl of pro m(maybe they're bullet?) 75mm for about $310. That's all I can find (both new)