Cost To Recalibrate Prom 77

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  1. There is no too big with the meter, it's not like the TB. Anything in front of the TB is just a plain old restriction.

    To get a deal you have to find it used. May take a little more effort to find.

    Over the meter you have, there will be a nice gain. Me personally i'd tell them you aren't tuning it so you make sure to get a calibrated meter and just pull the chip out. But that's me and i have a lack of faith in guys that claim to "tune" foxes. Especially NA setups.
  2. I
    I did see that meter, I do not see any used for around $100.
  3. It will work, you will need to get it recalibrated and an adapter harness though.
  4. Never said you were going to get an 80 for $100.
    A 75mm you should be able to though (although with afrs, i'm opt for the 77 and up).
    Deals are around, you have to go through ebay carefully, craigs, forum classifieds (i think the corral is known for their for their section) and even place some wanted ads.
  5. I getcha, thanks 77 pro m is what I'm wanting, as it's most popular, I never thought about an 80 not being too big is all. But I'm hearing everyone say ditch the C&L so I'm gonna. A 75mm bullet seems easier to find, or the aforementioned ones for 96 and up.
    Is there just a simple harness to use these meters?
  6. Pro-M sells adapters, as well as SCT.
  7. Damn, I might be over pricing mine!