Could it be a Shelby???

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  1. Could it be a Shelby???

    After seen al the pictures on the forums I noticed something very interesting until I saw the pictures from the back of the 05 possible Mustang when it hit me. Could does pictures be a Mustang 2005 V6 or GT (Fast Back) but still a Ford and could it be that the Concept the actual Mustang Shelby 2005???? Here are the pictures to compare.

    Compare the pictures here. ↓
  2. It possibly could be. We have to see.
  3. Lots of people are hoping so. That old shelby hood scoop would be sweet one a 2005 Stang.
  4. I don't know. There are arguments for and against it. I don't think it is the Shelby version. But only because it was badged as a GT. And Largely because it is only a 2 seater which no mustang ever has been. But on the other hand. Do I think that a lot of it's style could be on the new Shelby. Yes. The hood is definately a modern take on the past gt500 hood. The taillights are definately a Shelby style ( although they were also present on the california edition mustangs.). The quarter window scoops are again a modern interpretation of past Shelby styling. Though again to be honest I see more 65-66 style in the body profile than 67-68.
  5. I know about the GT thing but I was going towards the body it self specialy the rear and the window scoops. I think that the Shelby version of the Mustang will look more like the Concept.
    what could be the price on a Shelby?
  6. You may not wanna no.
  7. I'm sure everyone will tell you it'sgoing to be expensive. My suggest is wait for real info not speculation.
  8. I'm not really worry about the price but If I love the car I would try to buy it. I have a V6, but I really want a special edition mustang, and never sell it, becasue the price wont go down on them. I have 3 or 4 years to save mney for the down payment.
  9. Upper cars are current renders we've been working on, then some old shelby's, and the bottom is just my colored version of the concept car, no modern shelby there.
  10. :nonono: You know how I feel.
  11. i saw in a mustang magazine that it is rumored that ford wants carol shelbys name back on the car an he is back helping design cars