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Discussion in 'Special Production' started by StrungOut, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. Hi,
    I'm new to this forum and have read alot of the posts and wondered if I could get some opinions on a car. I'm between a 2003 Saleen cobra and a 98-00 s351. Both are about the same price and it would be used as an every other day driver for 7 months of year. I'm looking for dependability, speed, and resell value. I know the saleen svt is far rarer but I was concerned about head problems and if it can be safely modded to match the 351's massive power. Thanks in advance
  2. The Cobra Motors are solid. You should be able to get past the 351 output with the KB blower. Many 03 Cobra's are putting out unreal numbers.

    With the stock blower and all the bolt-ons to can probably get pretty close to the 351.

    Plus, it just so happens I have an 03 Saleen Cobra that I am looking to sell.
  3. 98-00... is that correct? I dont think that is a real number.
  4. I think he is saying 1998-2000 model year.
  5. As a (semi) every day driver go with the '03. The S351's are drop dead gorgeous and I can't comment on its every day driveability, but I can say that it has been a low maintenance vehicle to own. My humble opinion is that the best S351s are the 97 & 98 vintage as Saleen had to de-tune the car a bit in '99 to meet emissions requirements and several of the 99's had an oil blow by issue that had to get fixed.

    When I get to a red light I still get more looks than the vettes, cobra's and beemers though :hail2:

    97 S351 Triple Black Speedster #43
    3.55 gear, 8000 miles, T-56
  6. The following is my opinion:

    Dependability: For a daily driver, a 2003 Saleen Cobra would be a better choice.

    Speed: Both are very close in regards to speed. This applies if they are both stock, or both modified.

    Resale value: A S351 has already taken "the hit" of driving it off the lot, where a new 2003 Cobra Saleen has not. In the short run, if you needed to get out of the car, your used S351 would take less of a hit than a "slightly used" '03 Cobra Saleen. If you were to find a used 2003 Cobra Saleen that met your needs, you would negate the edge the S351 has in this category.

    Best of luck in your search.
  7. Thanks for all your input. I think I have it have narrowed down to the black 98 s351 with close to 17k miles, although I'm not a fan of the gold trim and interior as black and silver are my top colors, and the black saleen cobra with under 2k miles at performanceautosport. Not sure if thats your car jdub but if it is could you email me any pics or info either way. The car and the custom seats really look sweet. I also wanted to ask if saleen leaves the cobras already white gauges or if they throw in their 200mph speedo. I have saved up the last 8 years and can't go much more than 40k so I don't know if they cobra is an option as of yet.
    Thanks, Sean
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