Could you please list your aftermarket control arms and if you are satisfied

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Marc2, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. Subject says it all. Everyone agrees they are a good mod, but noone ever mentions which brands are best. For a street/strip car. Thank you
  2. Anything is better than stock.

    I have Hotchkiss upper and lowers, and they are great...good cornering, straight launches, and the ride is firm, but not like a buck board wagon.

    I am happy with mine. FYI...the signature is wrong...she ain't stock no more!

  3. lakewood eassy on torque boxes
  4. I've never put any on or owned any, but from word of mouth i'd buy MM and be 99.99% sure that i'd be happy with them before i even have them in my hand.
  5. I had the Hotchkis boxed adjustable ones, full upper and lower kit with poly bushings. They were alright, worlds better than stock. Now they are in the wife's car. I upgraded to the MM drag racing lowers with spherical bearings on both ends, and they are awsome. I wouldn't recommend them if you don't have a panhard though- not sure what they'd do to the torque boxes without one to keep them under control. I don't use any uppers.
  6. I switched to Hotchkis upper and lowers. i also had the battle boxes installed upper and lowers. i can say im happy with them, great handling and straight launchs.
  7. I went with Maximum Motorsports and am very happy. They allowed me to remove the quad shocks and run 275/40R17 Nitto 555R drag radials. They improved handling and straight line traction :)

  8. 95 has boxed factory uppers with energy suspension bushing on both the upper arms and axle side. Lowers are Pro3i weight jackers with sperical bushings.. This seemed to hook the power pretty nice.

    the 92 has X2C motorsports Boxer ST upper and lowers with energy suspension bushings.. got all four for 168 shipped.. Very nice for the price, quality is great,
  9. I have Ground Pounder weight jacker lowers and boxed stock uppers, i picked the lowers up for $30 and boxed the uppers myself, i like what i've got, definitely feels better than stock. A friend of mine has southside lift bars and boxed stock uppers, they have awesome traction even on street tires, but are pretty violent on slicks.
  10. I have Granitelli Motorsports adjustable weightjacker lowers and stock uppers. I don't know for sure but I think they helped me snap an axle with drag radials. My car launches really good with them. I'm happy. I plan to get a set of boxed uppers soon.
  11. Factory Five's for me. Very pleased with them, ride is improved. Can't comment on launch performane or road race amnners since I just drive the car when the weather is right. :D
  12. I'm using MAC Upper & Lowers. Very impressed with quality & performance but they weigh a ton. Will probably end up a selling them and getting an aluminum set. Overall for price and performance MAC is definetly an alright way to go. I also put Steeda Poly. Bushing's on the rear end housing which is very important and effective.
  13. hotchkis non adjustable on one car, awesome
    the other car has factory5

    The one with factory5 will not allow the removal of the quad shocks. WHEEL HOP!!
    They are not much better than stock ones
  14. I got the UPR Chromolly adjustable spherical bearing lowers and Mac tubular Eurathane uppers. The Upr work great but don't come with instructions or tips on where to start from to adjust them. The powder coating was pretty shoddy and chipped everywhere. You could see the metal imperfections threw the powder coating like they didn't clean them first. BS after paying 200 for them. Couldn't be happier with Mac Uppers. The Spherical bearing creates a louder interior environment.
  15. Pro3i Street/Race lowers with spherical bearing on the axle side....a rip off of the MM's and cheaper. Steeda HD uppers.
  16. You guys with spherical bearings on your control arms, how would you describe the increase in interior noise they transfer into the cabin? I didn't notice any new noises when I put in my MM lowers, with bearings on each end. However, I am beginning to notice a noise on the highway, and it's starting to bug me. I'm thinking it's the rear gears, but it's possible that I'm hearing them because of my solid control arms? I can live with it, that's what 2000watts of stereo is for; just wondering since so many people say they're noisy.
  17. Im getting my UPR Pro series rear kit installed this friday, the adj upper and adj lowers w/ bearings/ anit roll bar and tourqe boes. Hopefully it goes smoothly and they dont chip and $hit like u said. I also run the UPR k-member, and it still looks in great condition, no paint chips.
  18. I'm running the JD's performance upper and lowers (nonadjustable). They are amazing. I paid around $180 for al four control arms and they have been great. No squeaks and the car launches soo much better now that I removed the quad shocks. I highly reccommend them