Could you please list your aftermarket control arms and if you are satisfied

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  1. which ones are better? the wild rides or the maximum motorsports ones? what type of bushings should be used?
  2. I run HPM Megabite Jr's LCA's and Megabite Double-adjustable UCA's. What a difference over stock, both in cornering and takeoff. The uppers have sperical at the body, and I put in poly axel bushings. Haven't adjusted the pinion angle yet. The lowers have two levels, I have on level 1, the rear doesn't lift but stays level. I recomend them, paid a total of about $450, worth it. Saving, (almost there) for some Lakewood 90/10 and 50/50's, CC plates, and springs.

    MM is the way to go for quality and performance. Companies like Steeda, MM, and a few other's have thier own race cars. Steeda and MM are all over the road racing scene, like American Iron. These copy-cat compainies do not, and they won't because thier inferiority would be shown. Not saying that the parts don't work, but in competition they would show. Of course they can offer thier parts for less, research and development cost alot, so does quality construction. A company who's best feature is price, will work at that, so if they can take shortcuts they will.
  3. I have Jegs solid adjustable lowers, HPM double adjustable uppers, Steeda anti rollbar and spherical bearings. Very happy with all of it. The Jegs lowers looked like a copy but the price was right, quality and fit were great. The steeda anti rollbar is pretty sweet, quality, fit, finish was great.

    Heard good things about the Team Z stuff also, I like the uppers he makes.
  4. Depends. What are your intentions? I don't know much about the WildRides ones, but they have an excellent reputation as a company. They seem to be geared primarily towards the holeshot though, for handling I'd say MM is better. I run their drag racing lowers on my GT, and I don't see how they can be improved upon in any respect though.
    Bushings? Depends. What are your intentions? If you are willing to sacrifice a little ride quality in the name of ultimate handling with no binding issues, then you want spherical bearings on both ends. With this however, you absolutely have to have a panhard bar too (which, on any solid axle car that does more than go strait, IMO, should have been there from the factory anyway). Rumor has it that they are really noisy, mine aren't, but I don't use any upper control arms in my setup so I wouldn't know as they seem to be the ones garnering the complaints. For the best compromise, you would want a quality arm (or four of them) with a three peice urethane bushing on the chassis end and a teflon coated spherical bearing on the axle end. This will be a relatively smooth and quiet arrangement with good axle location and low binding potential. Still, on any kind of driver that does any kind of cornering, I preach the panhard- even on a car with 100% stock components.
  5. You want bang for the buck get Proforms. They're EXACTLY the same as BBK's (same casting even), but they're way cheaper. I got them for $200 CDN ($150 US) and they have poly bushings, zirk fittings so you can grease them.....they're good. Maybe not as good as the ones that cost over 3 times as much but you wanted bang for the buck and these are it.:nice:
  6. You ain't lying about that. They felt so heavy, I didn't even want to put them on my car. I guess I'll be selling mine soon.
  7. The car I'm racing now has an AOD and doesn't need much. I use the D & D control arms with spherical bushings. The solid bushings don't really increase road noise at all except they make the arms or springs "clunk" every so often. I think when it comes to the non adjustable arms D & D's cannot be beat because of the Delrin bushings they use. No contest- better than polyurathane. However, I think that the Lakewood arms are great but the Megabite Jr's are the all around best for drag racing.
  8. Has anyone used the Steeda lowers...weight jackers, and the aluminum ones also. My question is does the three piece bushings really help take some stress off the torque boxes? Thanks.
  9. probably not, do it right and have them welded/ reinforced
  10. Anyone know if it is alright to use a solid spherical bushing on the upper control arm on a daily driven car or is that stupid?
  11. Don't know about Steeda (not a fan) but as for MM and the three peice bushings: absolutely. They aren't a perfect solution like a hiem joint or spherical bearing, but they are far superior to stock and closer to perfect than they are to all the other aftermarket ones that simply use strait poly bushings. However, they should still be reinforced like sureshot said.
  12. That depends on how much of a fanatic you are. It isn't stupid, but it may be a little noisy... rumor has it.
  13. Done a few sets. Installed MAC's twice, both times turned out to be junk and an absolute PITA. I can usually do a swap in about three lazy hours. Took three of us four hours to install the last bolt in the MAC lower and it totally locked up the rear the bushings binded so tightly, even after greasing.

    I put a set of Steeda aluminum lowers on my '93 after drilling and tapping for grease fittings. Extremely nice parts. Three peice bushings are the bomb and the arms just about fell into place. Noticed a pretty good traction increase (the rear view mirror vibrates under hard acelleration now and I can feel the tires digging intot he pavement).

  14. Ranchero, do you think it was necessary to drill and tap for grease zerts? I really like the Steeda con arms and thinking 'bout getting them for my stang.
  15. The drill and tap operation was painless so why not do it? The bushings slid out nicely and it took about an hour drill and tap (1/4-28).

  16. Because for less money you can get them from MM, and they already have grease fitttings on them.
  17. Actually the 3 piece bushing does take some stress away, since it is not rock hard through the entire end acting like a solid bushing.
  18. I've been reading about those Steeda adjustible lowers, and i love the idea of being able to fine tune your ride height a little bit with them. It's a much better idea than some of the ones that use spring shims, since you have to pull the spring out to put the shim in. It's kinda like having coilovers.
  19. Great thread. I was looking at UCA/LCA to buy here soon. I was looking hard at the X2C pieces. Would it be wise to get the uppers and lowers adjustable or jsut get the standard set? Thanks for any opinions.