couldn't find 05 Wiring Kit so I did it my self..New Deck Installation.

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  1. After some time of searching with no luck for a wiring harness I decided to go ahead and just ripe the wires out of the harness and test them out and then hard wire it all toghether. It took about 5 hours and a few major bumps to get over, but really wasn't that bad. If I knew what every thing was before I started it would have probablly only took 2 hours.
    The back of the shaker 500 has 3 seperate harness's, the largest has about 13 wires(for power and speaker output) the second has two wires(for illumination power+control) and a third(runs to the subwoofers.)

    The first one has all you need, provided you don't want to hook up those crappy subs that came with the car. I am running the stock speakers off a clarion head unit, and also I have a 10" Audio Bahn excursion sub in a box in the truck. This one sub is 10x louder and has way better quality then the two stock subs.

    If anyone wants to see them I have pics, and I can write out which wires are which.... :flag:
  2. is this for 500 or 1000? thought the 1000 had the crappy subs in the trunk?
  3. I think he's referring to the subs in the doors.
  4. Ya know circuit city sells a wiring harness?
  5. I went to a few stores, Best Buy Circuit City...ect but non had it...
  6. Bummer.. I picked mine up for ~15 bucks at C.C. back when I changed mine over. Thats one helluva job working with all those wires man!

    Do you remember which ones feed which speakers? And how the speakers pos/neg are marked? I wont be digging into the doors any time soon, but its info Ill want to know later down the road. Thanks!
  7. I found a ford wiring diagram online and saved it as a.PDF but they won't let me attach it, its too large...
    I remember most of what I did, but the diagram is much better since it shows polarity of the speaker outputs, which I had to guess at... If you or anyone wants it they can send me an email at [email protected] and I will send it along...

    PS Do you still have stock speakers in yours, if not any advice on sizes brands, ect....
  8. the fronts are 5x7s and the rears are 6x9s.. I plan on going probably going with Infinity all the way around. Im a pretty big fan of JL Audio as well though. Both of these I know should fit without serious modifications.
  9. what did you do with the shaker 500?
    in my first 05, i swapped out the stock head unit with a shaker head unit and took out the stock speakers and replaced them with pioneer 4way 6x8s, those pioneers are excellent speakers. very happy with the sound.
    now in my second 05 i have to get rid of the stock head unit and stock speakers.
  10. What do I like about the Shaker 500 system, lets see. Not much...

    I liked the speed sound option and the large easy to use buttons. However I hated the fact that I couldn't control the subs, and I got sick of having a subwoofer up against my leg. I hated how slow it changed cds and how long it took to load mp3 cds. I bought a Clarion that allows me to hook up subs via RCA cables so I can control them, this is really nice since sometimes if I want alot of bass(rap) or if I want less(rock) I can easly ajust the Sub level...

    Another plus I gained, which I love since there is little storage up front, is a extra space for my cell phone ect, since the shaker 500 was two bays and now I'm only using one and the second is retofitted with a storage compartment......
  11. Will the wiring harness at Circuit City let me use an aftermarket deck with the Shaker 500 Subs and speakers?
  12. ^- I think you're going to have isses with the door subs.. if you want to get creative you can wire then into the rear speakers through the harness though. I think the speakers are only getting lows from the stock system anyway.

  13. No, because the shaker has 3 wiring harness's. The one they sell a harness for has nothing to do with the subs, they have there own harness. Easy way to prove this is to take apart the dash if you know how, and then remove the harness all the way to the right, you'll notice that the music in all 4 speakers still plays but that the subs will turn off.

    I've posted a link to some pictures of all three in this thread...

    The subs they put in the doors are Ive said before I have a 10" sub in my truck and its 500% louder/better quality.
  14. Oh Lord, I had forgotten what the stock speakers looked like. Oh lord, Oh LORD here goes 100 bucks on ebay.

    YOU SEE WHAT YOU JUST DID TO MY WALLET?! -_- *passes out*
  15. yeah but you wont regret it once you get the new ones installed.
    my son and I installed pionneers 6x8s in Jane on friday. What a difference.