coupe on 18/19"??

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  1. Hi too all! i was just curious if anyone has any Pics of first generation coupe on 18/19 or 20" inch wheels combination other than the Troy Trepaniers "Fast Forward?" Thanks again. :shrug:
  2. here some pic , 17 up front and 20 in the back[​IMG]
  3. 18s and higher are too much wheel for the early cars. The body lines just aren't made for huge wheels.

    I think 17s should be out of the question unless you have big disc brakes and an agressive look to match the large wheels. Otherwise, it looks cartoonish.

    20s are useless and look ridiculous.
  4. 19" Chrome

  5. I like those SSBC caliper.

  6. 18" inches with Kameleon color.

  7. last pic... :D

  8. NO! MORE! I went to the site where those pics were and can't read most of it....
    knew I should have taken Thai in school... :bang:
  9. If your interested in what 18's look like on a 70, lemme know and I'll post a pic of mine..
  10. That might be a good idea, I think the original thread where you did post that pic is toast....
  11. OK, here's a pic of the 70 with 18" chrome bullit's.

    rims are 18"x9", tires are 245/40/18's

    Picture was taken of the car at factory ride height. I'm in the process of lowering her about 1.5"


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  12. cool.... now those were a 5.95 b/s and a 1" spacer? 1.25?
  13. more of 18
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  14. i agree :D

  15. Yes, there is 5" of backspacing (5.95b/s with 1" spacer).

    However, I think a little more backspacing would be better. 5.5" would be best IMHO. I had a hard time finding spacers less than 1" and when I did find them everyone wanted a premium. So eventually I just bought some cheap 1" spacers locally...

    Rears would have worked fine with the 6" of backspacing. It's only the fronts that needed spacers, and you could probably get by with only a .25" spacer on the fronts.
  16. agressive enough?
  17. I like the two tone paint ;")
  18. Hey Gowest glad to see you around again!!! Your car still looks GREAT!! Customcam,dont listen to the nay sayers!! If you want big wheels on your car and are willing to do the modifications to put them on I say GO FOR IT!!!!!!!