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  1. So I have been looking for a 94-95 Gt for a few months now. I was set that I did not want a vert. My aunt is visiting from Texas and rented a 2002 V6 Mustang convertible. I got to drive it for a while and I really enjoyed it eventhough it is a v6. I think I am now gonna look for a 94-95 gt convertible. What does everyone thinks when it comes to coupe vs. convert? My goal is not ultimate performance but I do paln on all of the basic bolts ons. Thanks for any input. BTW, I will have to drive this some during the winter. Is a convertible that bad in the winter?
  2. Yes, coupes weigh much less so they are definitely faster, but in my experience the fun of a vert much over rules the speed of a coupe.

    Don't drive it in the winter. I'm storing mine.
    Get one, you'll love it. However, don't expect a vert to be fast AT ALL. THEY AREN'T. Mine is quite slow. Swap the gears and it'll haul, but until then it's a dog. I'm swappin my gear next thurday and then I'll be finr, but right now.....:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  3. What's that supposed to mean??? Stock my vert ran 15.2 at 90mph, and I SUCKED as a driver back then, my cousin's coupe ran a 14.8 at 93mph. With "normal" boltons (ie pulleys, exhaust, filter, gears) I ran 14.6 at 94.89, I then swapped in an edelbrock intake, 65mm T-body, homemade CAI, and nitto DR's and I was in the 13's with a 13.83 at 98.55mph... the car ran 97.2 on street tires in this form while tipping the track scales at E-Town at 3803lbs with me. Gears really did nothing for my track times... 3.73's, offroad X, K&N, flowmasters only had me running 15.02 at 91mph with identicle 60's as the 15.2 run. As you can see by my sig... tehy can be made to be quite quick!

    As for the winter...:doh: its not fun in either the coupe or vert.
  4. Both of these guys have good points. Verts can be made fast, but since your goal isn't ultimate performance, why worry about it? Verts are 100x cooler (not meaning temperature ;) ) on warm sunny days and get alot of attention on the road.

    I bought a coupe because I did want the extra performance (i.e. reduced weight) but I do miss my Miata sometimes because verts are very cool. Just be prepared to do extra maintenance because of the top (stains, holes, and motor breaking) and be aware that you won't be as rigid as a coupe so you won't handle as well without some nice suspension mods.

    Personally, I think Mustang coupes look way better than verts in most cases...until the vert drops its top. :) Then you've got a killer ride with a killer breeze!
  5. Vert all the way! Something about having the top down just makes it so much more enjoyable. I especially like warm summer evenings with the top down, just out cruisin':cool:
  6. Let me add one for the Fox guys (even though the original poster is looking at 94-95's). I thought this one was VERY nice looking!
  7. To me it all depends on where you live. If you live in a warm climate when you can actually use the vert down more often, get one. But if you can only put the top down 4-6 months per year, get a coupe. Just my opinion though.
  8. I drive mine year round w/ no problems ( other than that whole ice thing:doh:). However,I am starting to have some sealing problems when it sits for a while in heavy rain, due to failing weatherstrip. Also, my glass completely separated at the top and had to be re-adhered.

    I seriously don't think I would ever replace it with a coupe.
  9. The vert is so much fun to drive.......
  10. Very Fun

    I love driving my vert around on nice days. It turns heads everywhere it goes. The only thing I would've done differently and suggest you do the same, is to get a 5-speed. The automatic is not that much fun to drive and has given me crap for the last year that I have driven it. but good luck in your hunting and have fun with it... coupe or convertible.
  11. Coupe....

    <img src="" width="450">
  12. I'm a coupe fan. However it all depends on what you're gonna use the car for. If you are modifying the hell out of it, keep in mind that IHRA sanctioned tracks require a roll bar at 13.99 or faster. Most of us don't mind those, but some do.

    And security worries me, cause vert's are always targeted because they are easy in, easy out.

    Either way, it's a Mustang so you'll enjoy it. :nice:
  13. I think it's lots of fun beating much lighter cars at the track :D
  14. I couldn't agree more Don!!! That ALWAYS puts a smile on my face... the only thing better is when they then ask me if I'm running nitrous and I get to say NO!

    Actually, IHRA requires the roll bar at 13.49, or 8.5 in the 1/8th, NHRA requires it at 13.99.... just wanted to clear that up.
  15. I got my 95 convertable this summer, as soon as it was in my possesion I had a 4pt roll bar installed and wrapped in matching leather. Everywhere I go I get looks and compliments. I am going to school down in south ga so the top is never up and I couldn't be more pleased.
  16. I just rolled in from an 1100 mile round trip this weekend. Up and down I-5 from northern San Diego to the mountains past Sacramento in 95 degree temps all the way. I kept the top up on the freeway and the noise was maybe a little more than a closed car, but I like the windows down, so it didn't bother me at all.

    Oh, but when I got there, I dropped the top. How can you beat that? I bought the car because I like ragtops, and I sure like the Mustang's power. Mine's an auto--ever driven in Southern California traffic? My trip included two sojurns through LA, one on Friday afternoon. Need I say more?

    My car is stock for now. I'll add a Bassani exhaust, an Eibach pro-kit, some beter looking wheels, and clear Cobra headlights and I'll have a great ride. No other performance mods, unless I go with a Kenne Bell SC. It's fast enough now for the street, which is where I drive.

    I bought the car because I love it, not to turn heads, and I'm mature (old?) enough not to be concerned with that. But you would have been amazed at how women of all ages turned their heads, smiled, and waved at me as I cruised the main drag.

    Buy the Vert.
  17. If you're going to race it or beat the daylights out of it on a roadcourse or even on the street, get the coupe, it will be much stiffer in the long run.

    But if you just want something to modify thats fun and has potential get the vert.

    I had a '95 GT vert from '98 to '00 and I loved it. It was slow as hell, but that wasn't really the verts fault, it was the AODE. Still, that car was awesome when the top was down, and turned alot of heads. I'd probably still have it today if it was a stick.
  18. Convertibles are fine in the winter. Sure, I live in Southern California now, but I am moving to near Lake Tahoe in December and my Vert's going with me. I have had ragtops in winter climates before.

    You either love them or you don't. If all out performance isn't what you're after, buy ythe vert. You'll be happy.
  19. I understand your dilema, but if I were your age again there would be no doubt the direction to take. My wife cannot understand anyone not wanting a 'vert. The top on ours is very tight, especially compared to the British cars I had in my 20's. We put the Stang on a "limited use" basis during the winter, but would do so with a coupe as well. You'll learn to take the warm days and beautiful nights with the top down as part of the territory. You get a lot of attention too. No comparison.
  20. You lucky dog. Here it would mean certain death in 2 minutes (Vermont is warm compared to us!).:eek: