Couple of New Pics

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 94GTLaserRC, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. New Valve Covers ($20 Cheap-O's)..Need to redo with new gaskets.

    The Next 2 are just different sides of the engine..It is hard to capture how nice that radiator cover came out by a pic...had to take from the side. NOTICE HOW THE FMU IS GONE :nice:


    Here is one from a little bit further away.

  2. The cover came out really clean. Looks good man.
  3. Looks nice

    Where did you get the Red hose for the inlet to the TB. I'd love to replace my blue with red.


  5. That looks SICK...but the SICKest thing about those shots is the apparent level of warmth down there... :drool: If I left my garden hose out in the yard like that right now it'd shatter. You warm-weather guys make me so jealous. (well, in the winter time anyhow). My car is currently covered in salt/sand road grime from the snows we've had thus far...

    Anyhow, what brand-o-valve-covers is that? I want something a little fancier when I do my H/C/I swap in the new year...

  6. So much better without the FMU, fuel lines and vacuum lines by the head unit.
  7. They are CHEAPIES...SUmmit has them..TD Performance for $30 something.

    FATRODDER sells them on Ebay for like $20. They are called something like "Ford OEM Valve Covers 94/95" You need to get a $1 rubber Grommet to plug the hole. There is NO filler neck.