Engine Couple Of Quick Maintenance Questions - Oil, Scheduled Maintenance

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  1. Hi all, 2012 mustang gt, had a couple questions regarding the maintenance of my vehicle. Currently at 17,500 miles.

    1) is there a reason why people buy different brands of oil? The book says motorcraft oil...does it matter if it's mobil, royal purple, etc. as long as it has the certificate?

    2) I found only pg. 335 of this .pdf from ford's website as a maintenance log. does it seem about right? From what I understand, I need to replace the cabin filter at 20,000 miles, then the engine intake filter at 30,000. am I missing anthing? http://www.motorcraftservice.com/pubs/content/~WOCMUS/~MUS~LEN/42/12musog3e.pdf

    Thanks for the help!
  2. Brands of oil are just like brands of anything else...shoes, cars, clothing, etc. People can associate with a brand and form a loyalty. Although there are technical differences from oil to oil, they shouldn't necessarily be associated with brands. The important thing is to get the product that works for your application. My opinion is Ford designed, built and tested the motor with Motorcraft 5w-20 synthetic blend. If the oil can hold up during the testing of a motor like the coyote 5.0, then the question is, why wouldn't you use Motorcraft? Ford has subjected the motor (and oil) to many extremes and has proven to be successful, something that cannot be said for the other oils on the market. That is not to say that other oils are bad or won't work. My point is that the Motorcraft oil has been tested and proven to work specifically with the coyote motor.

    Do the 2010+ mustangs have cabin air filters? If so, where are the located and how do you access it? If you don't have a CAI or K&N filter, then yes you should replace the paper air filter at 30K miles

    Other then that, you should be good to 100K miles when you will want to replace the spark plugs, flush the coolant and check the belt
  3. Thanks man, and I'm 100% with you, that's why I'll be picking up a batch of motorcraft oil for my car by the end of the week. Funny part is...it's dirt cheap! ~$14.95 from autozone for a 5 liter...The last time I filled Mobil 1 from autozone for $9.80 per liter...my entire oil change came up to ~$60!

    As far as the air filters, I was just reading what the manual said...
  4. ford doesn't make their oil. a great filter is more important IMO...going with synthetic oil is the only way to go. amsoil is the only 100% synthetic out there. i use hasting filters but the wix gold is good also you can buy them (wix) from the factory(must buy12) will save you 2-3 bucks a filter
    cabin filter should be once a year or 2 not based on miles..