Couple Questions... Tried Searching With No Real Answers...

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  1. OK, first, I'm trying to track down a chirping belt, but it doesn't do it at idle. Is the a way to feather the throttle a little from under hood (seeing how there's no throttle cables anymore) With A/C on it comes in around 2600 rpm's, with A/C off, it comes on around 1500 rpm's...

    Obviously, it's something with the A/C pump... it's still annoying... :/
  2. I have an odd chirping belt like that, too. It's very high pitched and will come on at 2000-2200 RPM under moderate throttle. I haven't had the time or energy to dig into it.
  3. Sounds like there's a pulley whose bearings are on the way out and beginning to squeak. The easiest way to find out is to remove the belt and spin each pulley by hand until you find one that feels rough. The most likely culprits will be one (or both) of the idler pulleys to the left of the water pump (when viewed from the front).
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  4. did that... all three were smooth as silk and not free spinning... as well as the tensioner pulley.. the belt has no cracks in the ribs at all...

    is there a way to feather the throttle from under the hood?
  5. It's a drive-by-wire system, so no.
  6. Have someone sit inside and bring the idle up slowly untill you can hear it again.
  7. Hay Horse (haha):

    The belt tensioner may need replacing, because it's lost its "spring" or coolant's dripping onto the belts/pulley and making it squeak. There's a weep hole on the water pump. Check that, but you know this already. I don't think it's the AC.
    What's your mileage?

    Tim's right. You need an assistant to work the throttle.
    Good luck.
  8. If there was an issue with the A/C pump, I would think the noise would be ever present, with the A/C on, and the A/C would most likely not work.

    Depending the mileage, I am also thinking a pulley of some kind.