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  1. Okay, i have seen a few mustangs around were i live (94-98 model) that have a saleen look and say saleen on them and everything, but they have a GT logo on them. Now i have always called them imposters cause of the GT, but i am starting to doubt myself. I thought that ALL saleens were originally V6 and maintained the original pony badge, am i correct??? Plus since i have an awesome V6 :notnice: i was wanting to get a saleen body kit, anyone know where i can get a real one or a VERY VERY good reproduction for cheap??

  2. Sorry you are wrong. Most (if not all) S281 Saleens were origonaly GTs and therefor keep the GT badge. It was only the S351 Saleen (and then only certian years) that were originally v6s and kept the v6 badge.

    Finding a Saleen body kit for cheap is nearly imposible, and even if you do, you will pay out the ass in the body work because they suck. Most reproductions cost about the same or are fiberglass. Fiberglass will crack and/or break if you hit something (like a curb when you are pulling into a parking spot).


    PS sorry for ****ty spelling, i am in a heary and dont have time to proof read.
  3. thats okay, i am wrong alot of the time, do you happen to know if the 98 S-351 was a original 6 cylinder? and aren't most newer saleens original V6? or am i wrong on that one too?
  4. real quickly, i was browsing car domain, and i found a 98 S-281 but it was badged with a pony, i will give you the link, did this guy make a mistake, and its actually a 351 or is it a Faleen??
  5. I know that in 1994 Saleen used the V6 for the S351, then in 1995 they used the GT. But i dont know if they continued to use the GT or if 1995 was just a cost effective test. Ill let one of the other guys answer that one.

  6. haha, we must have been typing at the same time
  7. and here is another pic of a S281 from saleen unlimited with v6 badging, i suppose i am confused
  8. IF i am not mistaken i believe you can easily remove the GT symbol and put the V6 pony on there. It is actually quite popular to do. I was thinking about doing it, people always think my car is a fake because it has the GT still on the side.
  9. 94-8 S351's were mostly V6 cars. There are a few exceptions. 99-up I could not tell you what Saleen used. Even if the S351 started out as a GT it will not have GT badging. The majority of Saleen's produced during those years were S281's and they have the GT badges on them. You will see a few rare Saleen Cobra's. They will have the Cobra badges on them.
  10. The newer SALEENS have the s281 badge on the side. My 03 has it and I think it looks awsome. Definatley helps in determining a real SALEEN, but can still be copied.
  11. S351"Animal", do you have any pics of your car? Would definatley like to take a look at that beast!
  12. thank you guys very much, you have answered my questions in full!! I have one more question then i will leave back to my 6 forum. Does anyone have a laser red (perferably) or any red 98 saleen S351? Once again, thank you guys very much!
  13. This is my Lazer Red 1995 S-351R:
  14. that car is awesome stangfan, i wish i had one that was half as good, at least my color is the same as yours. Someday maybe, i'm only 18 so i guess my V6 will hafta do :-( Thanks for showin me a picture of your car!

  15. Do you have a picture of the rear, i am debating whether or not to get the S351 wing or not.