35th Anniv Covertible Boot

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  1. All you Convertible Owners , Did the Convertibles come stock with a boot or is this something you had to order ? did they come in different colors, would it be worth to try to find an original or to go have one made i believe they were hard Boots ? are they worth putting on the car
  2. They came standard. While I wouldn't call it an actual hard boot, it is more of a formed boot that the ends will fold in for storage purposes.
    To be honest they don't really attach all that well nor look as good as they do in the professional photos that you see from time to time.
    I had given some thought to ordering one of the fiberglass two piece tonneau covers found on Ebay. I figured that if I do, I will spray it with some rattle can bed liner for the finish. That would give it a black textured look that would wear well to boot.

    I came across a source the other day that sold the formed boots, I would just have to stop and think of where it was.
  3. OH Yea, I sure like the look of the car in your avatar..good looking color combination.
  4. Thank You, I like yours Better less miles and a 5 speed wife's is auto she did not want a manual GO FIGURE
  5. Oh by the way i bet you could eat off the interior of that thing, wife's shows a little wear but nothing really bad
  6. Ford never did use the best of leather, they all show some leather wear. But then leather wear adds character.
  7. The main issues I have seen with "L.E.'s" over the years are what make them unique. The silver inserts in the door panels start to pull away over time and even mine have a bit(I need to work on that, but I REALLY hate to get into those door panels.) The rockers are prone to damage and there are no exact replacements, the spoiler is unique, not to mention the wheels. Owning this car is a challenge as time marches, but it has been a real standout during that time in the sea of standard GT's and V-6 Mustangs.
  8. Went out and dug though my catch all 28' Wells Cargo trailer and found the old tonneau cover from the silver convertible we had along with the floor mats. We sold the wheels after the Mustang burnt, my daughter had put one black bullett wheels for a change of look...she was also worried about the original wheels growing legs and walking off while she was off at school in west Texas.
  9. I had forgotten to come back and post that I located a NOS Ford factory full length speedster tonneau cover on Ebay and ordered it. This is the tonneau/boot that not only covers the convetible top when lowered buy also the back seat and drapes down behind the front bucket seats. I gave $100 plus another $17 for shipping for it.
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  10. Wow 100 $ what a deal Can't wait to see what the thing loos like on the car