Covertible Top Seal Leak - Looking For Some Input

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  1. I’m having a leaky door window issue that I could use some help with. When it rains water runs in on the top edge of the driver’s door window and drips down all over the door panel, carpet, and driver’s seat edge. You can see daylight where the top seal and pillar edge seal meet. I’m just not sure which one I need to replace to fix the leak. I ordered a new top header seal and the convertible maintenance manual so I can adjust the door glass. Any other ideas or past experiences? I’m getting ready to order all new upholstery very soon so I really need to get this fixed. Thanks in advance.

    mustang leak-2.jpeg mustang leak-1.jpeg
  2. I have the same problem with my 89 'Vert I got a few months ago. Sorry I don't have any input to give but I would like to see how to fix this. My leak isn't as bad but the wind rushing into the cabin while on the interstate is terrible. Can you post a link to the maintenance manual? I need to order all new weatherstripping for my top also.
  3. It doesn't happen every time it rains which is frustrating. The water has to run off the top just right for it to leak. In any case, I need to fix it before I install all new upholstery soon. Here is a link to the manual I ordered.

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  4. Thanks! I knew about the 5% discount and I've been looking on LMR for a while seeing what I should get. Can't believe I haven't seen that book yet.
  5. No problem. I can't remember where I heard about it. I think maybe someone on here mentioned it a while back. :nice:
  6. My 89 has done it since new, you can try tightening the latches some but be careful. Too much and you cause other mechanical issues in the latch set up.

    How's the top/windshield gasket? Do you get any air penetration at high speeds?

    It looks like your rubber is good but a little low, if its dry it may have shrunk some..

    Is the window square when up? It look ok by the photo but hard to tell. If its tilted forward it won't push the windshield rubber tight enough.

    Honestly they have no rain gutters so if the car is leaning that way it will drip in. After 25 years I've experienced no water issues even with that corner drip since it not all the time...
  7. The header gasket appears to be in good shape. I get no air penetration at high speeds at all. All of the weatherstripping is in pretty good shape and doesn't appear dry or brittle. I did order a new header gasket and the book to make the necessary top adjustments. Hopefully between the two I will be able to resolve the issue.
  8. You may want to take a look at your latch receptacle they get "crunched" over time . See if you can add it to your LMR order
    Simple thing that most likely need replacing...

    If your gasket is ok. Why spend the $$. You can adjust what you have as something is out of alignment. Even the Ford dealer in the day had a tough time adjusting it right... Diagnose first...
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  9. If your gaskets are good I would try some weather stripping from the hardware store to fill any gaps you may have.
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