1. I've been searching around for hoods and after seeing a thread on the 5.0 resto steel hood being crap I was wondering what would be a safe one to go with.

    Ideal hood would be 2-2.5" (I have clearance issues with my performer rpm2)
    non liftoff and a good fit.
    While price is definitley a consideration I will pay what I need to to have a good fit that isn't flimsy.

    What do you guys use/like and why? what should I avoid (besides the 5.0 resto steel :( )?

    PS: I know this has been covered alot and I've been digging through threads. It's been covered so much finding threads with good info is a challenge.
  2. Dont buy a cheap fiberglass hood, even the expensive ones are going to require a little work to fit right.

    You cant go wrong with these three brands...
    Boss Inc

    I bought a boss inc hood, and my body guys were very impressed with it, they just smoothed the edges and filled a dip that was on the cowl, but the fit was great, and very minimal bodywork to get it perfect

    Ive also seen a VIS racing 2.5 inch carbon fiber cowl at a friends shop and that thing was very nice, i had seen them on sale for 500 before but i cant find that link now. If that hood was taller i would have bought one
  3. H.O. fiber trends makes a nice hood and also supplied hoods to Ford for teh 95 & 2000 Cobra R
    and like stated,
    Cervinis and Kaenan are also top hood makers, you cain't go worng with either of the 3. Goodmark at one time made a nice steel hood for the fox but they don't anymore. IMHO if you want steel leave the stocker, going cowl then go fiberglass from a good company and you get your money's worth.
  4. I had clearance issues with my Performer II as well after I ran a 1" spacer. I've had a few including Cervini's but I like my current Boss Inc hood. Lightweight, and constructed well. Fits alot better than my cervini did.
  5. i'll also vouch for Boss Inc. i have their cobra R hood on my car and it is very well constructed and fits perfect.


  6. if you want nice, finished underhood, go with cervini. I'm ordering a 1.5" mach 1 tomorrow, alongwith a cobra wing. total with shipping, $919. what kind of fowl r u thinking of? classic fox cowl or the cobra R?
  7. Thanks everyone for your responses I'll check out those brands.

    @93project, I like the classic look
  8. wow total with shipping for my boss was like 400 bucks
  9. niiice.... classiccowl hood matches fox body lines better IMO
  10. Definitely going with Boss inc, A little taller than I would of liked but at 250$ cheaper than cervini plus the better reviews. I didn't really have a choice, wahoo for free shipping :D

    Ordered I'm stoked, no more wear marks on my intake lol.

    Thanks everyone for their input. Thanks Cenok for the pics. Beautiful stang you have there can't wait till mine is black.
  11. Agreed I want to keep a kind of rough look to it. I'm even keeping the pony wheels on while I'm on the street. I don't want any chrome making it pretty.
  12. Cervinis 4" here also u get what u pay for IMHO

  13. All of the same reasons i went with the boss stuff, you really cant beat it and the quality is right there with cervinis, those guys really take pride in what they do and that was apparant in about the first 2 minutes of my conversation on the phone with them
  14. good choice, you won't be disappointed. :nice:

    thanks for the compliment :)
  15. are boss hoods finished underneath?
  16. too bad theydontmakea simple mach 1.everything they make is too bulbous
  17. haha what? that's a new way of describing a hood
  18. lol bolbous is kinda accurate, i like thier cowl, but i do kind of wish they would have followed the lines of the stock cowl, but on the car it looks good so thats all that matters. I really dont care for the styling of the other hoods they sell though