Cowl mount fuel pressure gauges

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  1. I got an Autometer 2 5/8" liquid-filled mechanical fuel pressure gauge that I will be mounting on my cowl. Anybody have any tips as to how to run the braided line? It needs to be run through the hood, as in I need to drill a hole right? Anybody have any pics of their setups?
  2. Rio, the picture KING, had some pretty detaild pics of his setup. I wouldnt NOT drill the hood...i would copy rio's design and cut the cowl like most people do.

    Maybe he will see this and post up. If not, send him a PM.
  3. Take The Cowl Panel Off From That Butts Against The Widshield-the Black Plastic Piece With The Windshield Wipers In It. Instead Of Drilling Through The Hood You Can Drill Through From The Engine Compartment Into This Compartment And Run The Steel Braided Through There Up Through The Bottom Of The Cowl Panel To Your Gauge
  4. i think that your drill your hole to feed the line through the top of the firewall. to the area below the cowl. and then feed the line just below where you want to mount the gauge. not through the hood.
    thats how i was planning it. but i haven't installed mine yet.
  5. Oink had one set up on his cowl too maybe he could help ya out also
  6. Chris, I can stop by and show you how I did it. It's easy and you don't have to do much alteration; definitely no drilling necessary.
  7. That'd be awesome Tim. I'll be at work until 5:30, then I'll probably be staying after to put on my new balancer, so just give me a call if you can come over. :flag:
  8. They mounted that really far over towards the fender. I can't because of my registration and inspection stickers. :( The hose doesn't have enough play in it to wind it around like it needs to.
  9. I think thats the only place you can moutn it. Anywhere else and your hood is going to hit it once you open it.
  10. Chris....

    Here's some of how I did mine...Tim may have already set you up though...

    I take it you have the 4' SS line?? if so, there's not alot of room to'll have very little to spare..

    I opened the hole up that was right next to the vac tee....i ran thru it and 90'd up to the gage...I just cut the corner of the cowl for the line...If you remove the wiper cover it'll be easier to maybe feed the line in...
    I also ran power/grd with the line...I tapped into my parking light and used the Green ground bolt by the battery...very tit to wire...


  11. Thank you Andy! :flag: Tim showed me his setup, he ran it through the hole that the wiper knob comes through. It works pretty well too, as long as I can get an elbow and get everything lined up. Thanks again dude! :nice:
  12. Good deal....ya it sucks they don't mention the adapter you hook the line to the gage you need a swivel 90 the AM makes...I got it from Summit as nobody carried what I need...
    you can see it on my gage...the one the line feeds put the adapter on the gage and then the line feed up to it...least for my set-up its what i used.....
    You got all the stuff to hook to the Schrader valve?? and remember to REMOVE the valve itself...least for this gage...I found you need LOTS of Teflon tape to get a good seal....put it right to all the fittings...only one I had probs with was the fuel rail...put the tape right to it and wind the mother WAY was the only small leak I had...lotsa tape and wind it down...but dont break the rail port... :D

  13. That thing says the cowl just "pops" out. Don't know about anybody elses but mine was screwed down might wanna check under the hood before you go yanking on it
  14. Your right...there are (3) of the plastic push screws that connect the wiper cowl to the wiper cover that need to be removed first...then the cowl will "pop" up...
  15. Nice Pics Andy, I know Oink has some too.

  16. Somebody had mine off and screwed the thing all the way across. Afdter i got it painted they didn't put any in and when i open my hood it its and makes a poping noise i have to take it back out so they can screw it down. I woudl do it myself but teh guy said bring it back out so i'll let them mess with it
  17. Andy, very clean installation. :nice: When you drill into the engine bay like that, do you use standard drill bits started with a punch? Just curious for when I mount my oil seperator (I broke down and zip tied it).
  18. Ya, he did his with the line straight....just slid it over the cowl some and right to the gage...

    Tim....For the SS line for the gage is used a Uni-Bit...its stepped up to 1"...there's a factory hole in the corner where my line is, I just opened it up...
    Oil separator only need's 3/16 dia bolts or screws to hold it...a new drill will suffice for a small hole like that...never hurts to prick-punch a hole to keep the drill from wandering though...where you mounting it???

    As for oil I run home brew myself....4 10w40 and 1 5w30 Mobil 1....