Coyote Engine Swap Craze!

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    Coyote Engine Swap Craze!

    There is no doubt that Ford hit a Home run with the new 5.0L Coyote motor. With its smooth operation, awesome power band and hi-revving capabilities, it’s easy to see why this platform has such a following and is the new standard for performing a motor swap. These motors are being swapped into everything from classic street rods, cobra replica kit cars and of course every mustang platform there is. Ford Racing has stepped up to the plate and has released a few variations of this motor that can easily be delivered to your front door! You can get these motors as stock replacement motors, forged internal ”Aluminator 5.0″, as well as the amazing Boss 302R engine that is used throughout the Racing circuit. Ford Racing has also developed a “sealed” crate motor specifically designed for the NMRA Coyote Stock racing class.

    More pictures and info here: Coyote engine swap
  2. I don't believe you...

    Please send an Aluminator to my door so that I can verify your claims. :jester:
  3. Only if I can get one