coyote into 92 gt swap

Discussion in 'Fox Engine Swaparoo' started by 509king, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. How much and what parts do I need?
  2. Pretty sure if you go to StangNet's home page there's an article stating everything you'll need to get.

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  3. If you look at a basic fuel system, tko600 swap and bell, motor and required parts, full exhaust, electronics, etc youll be over $16,000.00 not counting any install or fabrication labor...The Stangnet car had $30,000 in it but a lot of other stuff was done as well.

    Where are you located?
    The Coyote swap is actually cost effective when you compare the motor alone against a 331/347 set-up....its all the other parts that add up quick since you need a K-member, bell, control pack, brackets, throttle pedal, etc...