Expired Coyote Oem Mufflers

Discussion in 'Want To Buy/Trade' started by Leadsled Coupe, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. I am looking for some take off coyote mufflers. Anybody do an upgrade and want them taken off your hands cheap? Looking to quiet down my 420hp fox coupe.... I am obviously getting old!! LOL
  2. Still looking!
  3. I have a set pulled off a 2017 PP GT located in Burtonsville, MD. $100 plus shipping unless you are within driving distance we can look into mtg up or just coming by the house..
  4. I think Ryan, I think the shipping would kill me here. I found some on eBay for $99 free shipping but haven't bought yet. Interestingly I am driving on I-81 tomorrow thru the western area of Maryland though with family in tow. If you could meet me on or near 81 and would take $75 I'd be game.
  5. I would do the 75, however, I work till 5 and wouldn't be back in the Columbia area till around 5:30. If you would be able to come by there I would be more than happy to meet up with you. I live right off of the broken land parkway area in Columbia,MD.
  6. Thanks Ryan but I'll be going thru in the morning during work. I hope to be back in TN by 5pm. It doesn't sound like this will work unless your able to ship and at a markedly lower price. Thanks so much I wish you the best of luck in selling them locally!
  7. No problem at all. Hope you had a safe trip and good luck with your search!