Engine Coyote swap cost/price for my 351?


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Jun 17, 2016
I have a 93 coupe with a 351W 95 Lightning motor. It has nearly new parts listed in the picture download. The bottom end is stock as far as I know. My car also has full length headers, Team Z K-member, and a Glenn's fuel system. Im thinking of having the engine replaced with a Coyote swap. What would I be able to sell my motor for, ballpark price? Can I reuse the TKO600 WITH the McLeod clutch, or will a 6 speed auto from a Coyote GT fit? I'd rather have the auto if given the choice. Id want AC of course. Anyone have any good info I can read up on to get started? Thanks.


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Aug 8, 2003
Your engine in parts is probably 2 grand.
As a whole, I would think a lot less.
Most people are a little skeptical when buying a used engine, but the heads and intake are easy sells.

If you are paying labor (which I would think by saying "having the engine replaced", that's probably going to add $4000+.

Consider the least expensive usable engine on ebay is about $5000.
There are 100,000+ mile engines
You need a control pack $1500 (might be other options these days, but I bet they aren't cheap either).
Headers $500+
Bracketry $750
New k member $500
Bellhousing to mate the tko $500.

It's going to add up, you still need a radiator and the rest of the stuff needed to make it run.

Probably some newer tricks and hints to save cash.
Maybe better pricing on the used engine and possible used parts.
I have to believe it's still a $10,000 and up affair with labor.

I've grown a little more found of the coyote over the last few years, but I still don't like that when you are done to get 600rwhp you still need to buy a $6000 power adder.
Me if i was doing one it would have to be built to run similar to the high rpm engine in the gt350.

edit: Almost forgot you need to convert to the hydroboost too.
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I don't dare do that to my Knob
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Dec 30, 2002
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CJ's has a pretty good write up on all what is needed. Just do a Google search for "cj coyote swap".

I'm currently in the middle of a coyote swap and can confirm you will be hard pressed to do it all for less then 10k for a used engine swap. There are some guys that are claiming to have done it for less than 8k, but they got extremely lucky with their long block purchase and hack a lot of other items together to keep costs low.