Coyote Swap Fox Pedal Bracket 70110 J&m Products

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Jan 26, 2017
The electronic pedal that comes with the Ford Racing Control Pack, required for operation of the Modular crate motors, does not easily bolt in to most applications. J&M Products/ offers a pedal adaptor bracket Part # 70110 that will easily bolt in to place.

This bracket directly fits any Mustang from 1979 to 2004 and also will work great on any project that has a vertical firewall. The Ford Racing pedal is a S197 Mustang pedal and is designed to be mounted at an angle.
With this adaptor we compensate for the angle when being mounted on a vertical firewall and this gives you the correct angle for proper operation.

For Fox Body Mustangs (79-04) this bracket locates the pedal in the perfect spot next to the tranmission tunnel and also allows it to be directly mounted to the factory studs of the original pedal. We have compensated for the various switches and brackets under the dash to allow proper fitment.

Coyote Swap Fox Pedal Bracket 70110 J&M Products Features and Benefits:
  • Easy Installation
  • Stainless Steel Hardware Included
  • Mounts direct to FOX Mustang original pedal studs (reuse stock nuts)
  • Solid one piece CNC construction
  • Positions the pedal at the proper location and angle
  • Will work on any vertical firewall for restomods or kit cars
  • Trimming of the Ford Racing pedal required