Coyote Swap

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  1. Hey Guys and Gals,

    It's been a spell since I've been on here . I've got a '99 V6 with approximately 66k miles on it. I'm on the fence about throwing in a 5.0 Coyote swap in it. Has anyone with a '99-'04 done this in their vehicle? I know it's not a direct swap so I'm wondering what other modifications lie in wait for me should I choose to do this; any advice helps!

  2. Sure, it could be done, but why not start with a 4.6L car? That would save a ton of work because you'll be starting with an 8.8 rear end, the right K-member, a transmission that could be bolted up and so on. Do a search for the 4.6 swap into a V6 and you'll get an idea.

    On top of that, you'll have to deal with wiring. The coyote control pack will take care of the engine, but making all your accessories and gauges work may be a chore since some of them are controlled or wired through the V6 ECM.

    I believe there is someone who makes an aftermarket oil pan to help the swap. Maybe you'll need custom headers? The coyote is different from the 2v, 3v, or 4v 4.6L. Mounting accessories will add money too. If you want PS, ford has a special bracket for you to buy which uses the 3v 4.6 PS pump. Then, plumb it. Mount and re-plumb AC. Different alternator and alternator bracket. And then coolant hoses are especially fun. There are connectors on the engine which require a special mating connector instead of the old standard hose and a clamp.

    Anyway, lots of challenges, but it can be done. Save yourself a bunch of work and money and start with a 4.6 GT/cobra with a blown engine.

    Heck of an engine though. That's what's going in the factory five cobra I am building. :D
  3. Buy a coyote instead. Not worth it on 15 year old 6 banger unless it's a drag car.