Coyote Swap

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  1. Anyone no a shop does coyote swaps in michigan or at least close to michigan
  2. Wrong forum. This is the forum where you ask how to do the swap yourself and what's required.

    You should post in the regional forum if you're looking for a shop in a specific location. At the very least, your thread title in here should read something like, "Looking for Michigan Speed Shops". That would at least attract ANY Mustang head in the region.
  3. Can you turn a wrench, work a cherry picker and plug in some electrical connections? If so save THOUSANDS and do it yourself. There are so many plug and play kits that are literally bolt in now.

    It's easy to find a low mile coyote truck motor and drop in, be as fast as a blower car with full bolt ons. (ask me how I know on that lolz)
  4. I was told you have to splice some wires from the new wire harness with the old one..yhats why I was just gunna look for a shop
  5. Most kits plug and play. You have to do a small amount of wiring to get your stock gauges to work right.

    If soldering some wires scares you then a shop may be the best bet. However you can save a ton of money and learn some new skills. Youtube is your friend. Hell I still look up stuff from time to time to make sure I take it apart (or sometimes put back together lol) correctly.

    Coyotes have been swapped into just about everything. There is a ton of knowledge out there begging to be added too.
  6. I think ima give it a Go I have a couple buddy's with some good knowledge I'll let you no how it goes it will be in winter but if I have any more questions I'll ask thanks
  7. Good luck, we are here to help and see the results!
  8. Red one is the swap one 1 day silver is my brothers can't wait post progress

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  9. Oh the innocence and excitement of a new build. :)
  10. Nice looking vehicles. more pix would be nice.