CPRstreetmachines 1969 Turbo'd Pro-Touring GT2 build

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  1. CPRstreetmachines 1969 FB Turbo'd Pro-Touring GT2 build

    This is a rendering of how the build will look:

    GT2 is for "Gran Tourismo" (in the italian original sense) and Turbo. Some highlights (not all parts are final yet):

    Ford SB 363 stroker, DART block, all forged & roller, 0 balance, Arias pistons
    Single T-76 turbo, intercooler
    Big Stuff 3 ECU
    BBK SSI-R intake
    T-56 trans from Pro Motion, McLeod RXT clutch, hydraulic
    AJE front coil overs w/adjustable A-arms, improved K-member, double adj. Koni's, manual rack & pinion
    13" Cobra brakes, 4-piston Brembo calipers
    FAB9 9" rear & TrueTrac, TCP leaf spring kit, adj. Varishocks
    11.65" Cobra brakes rear
    TCP torque arm & Panhard bar
    18" Shelby CS56 wheels
    Toyo R888 rubber, 245/40 and 295/30
    Speedhut gauges
    Bielstein seats
    Rollbar & Simpson 6pt harness


    I'll keep the build updates coming as soon as there is news.
  2. COOL! Looking foward to seeing more!
  3. I like what I see but the single headlights threw me for a minute. At first it looked like a 67/68 with 69FB scoops and no louvers.

    Is the Dart block Al or Fe?
  4. When should it be completed???
  5. I'd buy THAT for a dollar!
  6. FE block. We have a budget.:p
    To finish under a year is the plan. A lot depends on time delivery on parts, and god forbid, the black hole called the body shop. We are getting ready to start buying the big parts, which seem to always take the longest. This is gonna be a fun one.
  7. Have you looked at the EvM 3-link?

    Have you looked into the EvM kit yet? I couldn't be happier with mine. Stiff but not harsh, even with all rod ends, integrated sway bar, good anti-squat, and they list a few advantages over torque arms right here, and Watt's versus a panhard : (this describes the one for later models, but the general theory applies to the Vintage)


    Just throwing the idea out there, as you said some parts aren't set in stone. I love the style of build you are doing and the turbo. Very nice pro-touring build!
  8. We talked about it, and he felt it was better, but just a little over kill for what he wants.
    Looking into maps right now for sweet spots on the turbos. We'd like a single for weight, cost reasons, and packaging. Twins is cool as hell. But we're going for function first.. Where ever the sweet spot is, that's most likely where we'll go. Not going to give up 60 hp just to look cool. :D Gotta show the local boys how to build a boosted the right way.
  9. if it were me i'd be doing a power rack with those big meats up front as well as something other than a leaf spring rear, like the Evm or TCP G-Bar/G-Link rear, especially on a PT build
  10. Very nice! :nice: The paint scheme is similar to what I was planning, black over red with C stripes. But I change my mind every couple of months ....
  11. I really like that paint scheme. Good reason for me to come by the shop and check out the progress I suppose.
  12. Yeah, a few unusual choices in the shopping list!

    Front suspension: why struts and not UCA / LCA and strut rods? To make room and save weight up front. The AJE front K-member and A-arm setup will save a LOT of weight and make it possible to shave the shock towers to make room for the turbo install. Down under RRS is doing good on the track with strut suspension for Mustangs.
    Manual R&P: I'm on 245's on my current car with manual. Great feel and gives you Popeye arms! Saves a trip to the gym. ;)

    Rear suspension: TCP gBar and EvM 3-link is all the rage for Mustangs so why old school leaf springs, torque arm, panhard and Varishocks?? To be different and to show that it can work! This is a 50/50 street and track build and the leaf combo will do a great job if suspension travel is kept small. I'm not convinced that the marketing machines are right about 3/4 links. It's a personal belief, I know, and we can talk leaf bind etc till we drop. Guess I'm just not a good enough driver to appreciate the difference! BTW: the EvM makes rear exhaust almost impossible and we're not allowed side exh over here.

    Brakes: why no Wilwood 6-piston, Bear track...? Well kill or overkill? It's not about bragging rights but selecting the right hammer for the job. The car will go for track day events, not competition racing so streetable brakes that are reasonable to service. We've already saved a ton of unsprung weight in the A-arm setup, so giving back a bit on the heavy Cobra rotors. Also there IS a budget! ;)

    Generally I'm not into bragging rights but want a car that WORKS!

  13. so this is the car you bought instead of my coupe right? if so i'm actually kinda glad you chose it over mine...i would have hated to see my car get up for the AJE strut setup, no offense of course, i just don't like to see these cars get up for stuff like that, especially mine. if it had been my car i would have rather seen the RRS strut kit on instead, at least it doesn't cut the car up quite as much.

    so anyway thanks for not buying my car :nice::D
  14. Well it showed up 2 weeks early. So we had to play tetris in the shop last night. Will get some pics up soon.
    As the build goes, feel free to ask any Q's, or suggestions.
  15. If the car comes out anywhere near that rendering, I think it will be one of the hottest 69s on the planet. I've thought about the flat black across the entire top of the car as well.

    I have loved tasteful wheel flares on this car ever since I saw this car a hundred years ago...

    Keep us posted on the build.
  16. How about composite leafs?

  17. oh man, i've always loved that car. that was my first inspiration for building a canyon carver/pro tour type car from the moment i saw it. if my car wasn't a GT i would have done some flare like that on it, but i couldn't bring myself to cut my car up for flares. if my car had been a plain jane coupe or fastback i would have been all over adding some flares to it.

    as an additional note if anyone has ever seen the movie Cannonball (NOT cannonball run) the green 69 mustang toward the ends was an actual GT fastback...kinda cool IMO
  18. Composite springs and staggered shocks - you won't need a torque arm.
  19. 10 sec u have a pm
  20. I hope it wasn't the chevy engine powering it that you thought was so cool.