CPRstreetmachines 1969 Turbo'd Pro-Touring GT2 build

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  1. i don't think that was even the same car they were showing the chevy anchor in but even if it was the car was a real 69 GT, which was cool in itself. at least they didn't totally destroy that one like they did the trans am and the charger and the..."gasp" Pantera :D

  2. I'm sure you're right as they didn't even show you the same engine that they were saying it was.
  3. The rear view rendering is finished. Just waiting on a few big parts to show. In the mean time we have stuff to tinker with. Don't want to get too tied up in things before we move. Got a new shop that's 2000 square feet larger. :nice:
  4. Are you going to go under the axle with the exhaust?
  5. Should the white line that separates the green and black continue to the trunk?
    Not sure how the white border will look on a real car. Do you have any pics of a car that has used that technique to separate colors?
  6. Not sure on the paint scheme. The owner had the rendition done. I'm just paying attention to the structural part of the drawing. :D
    The exhaust is still going to go up and over the axle. We got some tricks though.:p
  7. How much of a difference do the staggered shocks make? I have FAF's but I get axle tramp fairly badly compared to my old leaf + slapper bar setup.
  8. GREAT looking concept! i love the colors and stance.
  9. I have a 482 FE with a TKO600 and 3.50 rear. It puts a fair amount of torque to the rear wheels. I have zero wheel hop. When I had regular leafs and under ride "traction master" type bars, I had terrible wheel hop. I also have Shelby snubbers for my springs so that may have help eliminate wheel hop.
  10. That set up should put out more than 700 rwtq. What ever the rear suspension is used, it won't have an easy job. Any leafspring set up will need help IMO.
  11. Thats very weird. I have a 300+hp 302, tko600 and 3.5 rear with FAF's and bad wheel hop. The only thing I am missing is the shelby snubbers and the staggered shocks it seems. I wonder which of the two is doing more.

    Did you always have the staggered shock setup? Do you think it makes much difference?
  12. It's a real mild 482 so I can run power brakes and A/C. I am guessing 500hp/525tq.

    67s didn't come with staggered shocks. I converted mine because of my previous wheel hop issues. Ford offered a drag-pack option on their 69-70 Mustangs that came with staggered shocks. They were also on GT-500KRs.
    Likewise, the Shelby snubbers are supposed to preload the front half of the spring during hard acceleration to keep the springs from warping and initiating wheel hop.
    I didn't want any wheel hop with the new motor so I took a three prong approach to eliminate it. Mono-leafs (Flex-a-Forms), staggered shocks, and Shelby snubbers. I am using Global West Delalum bushings too which may also help. I think when you get Cal-Tracs, they come with a solid front bushing to eliminate front eye movement that exacerbates wheel hop.
  13. Indeed! The new tranny will take around 800 lb.ft. and that'll be the limiting factor. Engine is built to take more just in case we decide to up the boost later on. I wouldn't rely on just composite springs, the torque arm is a must and also contributes to a very solid road feel. Also with a composite you loose the ability to repack the leaf sets for different spring rates and ride heights.

    Color scheme, try looking at the George Follmer 69 Trans Am Mustang and you'll see where the idea came from.
    The originals rear paint scheme is odd, so we're trying different ideas with and without white divider, all green , all black etc.
  14. Yeah, it's rated at that in a 3800 lbs car. This will be lighter obviously, but I think with the gear ratio it'll have, it's going to offset the weight savings.

    I wouldn't trust this to just staggered shocks either. They won't help plant the tires like a torque arm.
  15. hey!

    what rear breakes are those?
  16. Wilwood 12.2" two piece rotor and hub with integral parking brake.
  17. Can we keep the questions to PM's fellas ? Already have 8 pics of a car that isn't the subject car. :(
  18. My bad. I pulled the pics from my posts but can't do anything about the responses that quoted my pics.
    Great project. Keep the updates coming.
  19. just standard SN threadjacking....i don't see the problem really. :D
  20. No hard feelings. It's it can get out of control pretty easy.