CPRstreetmachines 1969 Turbo'd Pro-Touring GT2 build

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  1. So has anyone seen the new hulk movie yet? And what's up with these gas prices?

  2. progress pics for the ones following along

    we need to start fresh and this 408 won't cut it...


    the AJEracing k-member kit allows us to notch a lot to make room for our big plans





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  3. Engine build in process

    DART small block 363

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  4. looking good, keep the picture coming :)
  5. that is gorgeous. the donor car's engine bay looks so good!
  6. Need to make some corrections I left in. We decided on a Worlds block, even though I wrote in Dart at the top. And we went with a hyd cam. Didn't want ANY issues. talked to local guys that were breaking rockers around town at low RPM's, even with low lash solids. Without the rebound from the spring at high rpm's, figured it was breaking from bouncing off the backside of the cam. We'll still meet our HP goal, just a little more cam.

    Shaved the trunk lock hole. You can see a little heat fence around it to minimize heat warping.

    All done with the trunk

    Some antenna hole shaving

    More heat fence with the anntena

    And done with it

    Some frame sleeving for the K-member bolts

    We've got the Fab 9 in, just need to get the calipers on and take some more pics !

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  7. What is your HP/TQ target on this build?
  8. Tranny and clutch are rated to about 850 in drag racing scenarios @ around 3800 lbs. We'll be under that. But 700rwhp around 15-17psi. Tranny setup is the only weak link. Everything else is rated over 1k hp. Upgrade turbo and fuel sytem, set on kill :eek: So it should be perfectly reliable at 700rwhp.
  9. Worlds...

    Because ManOWar sounds so much cooler?:D
  10. Started to mock up the front end, see if a 265 is going to fit up front. hopefully won't have to notch the frame rail.

    Pure sex !!



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  11. Jess, Jess is does !
  12. What kind of ground clearance do you have with the JME kit? It is looking pretty sweet.
  13. really cool build. too bad you're not gonna debut it at SEMA next week. i would love to get an up close look at it and i thought that is where they are having a competition to get your car in GT2. i like how your build is not overkill but has all the goodies to make a great driver and awesome looking car. get er done!
  14. Its not a JME kit... Its an AJE racing kit:nice: This is much more affordable :rlaugh:

    Ground clearance isn't an issue at all with this kit I believe I have a pic of one already finished that I can show you later today.
  15. Rich and I laugh about it all the time. There is a company here that has a car here locally that is 139k. It has 18 functional body mods and a GT40 crate motor, and just not functional. Not sure what the total will be on this one, but know which one will be more fun to drive.

    Darreld, not sure on the ground clearance. (AJE kit :eek:) Rich is going to bring his car to the BBQ today so I can look at his. Right now I an looking at about a 3in drop and 2 inch setback on the engine before we hit the K-member. What to see what his looks like before I drop this one that low.
  16. thanks- We like to build real drivers not show cars :nice:
  17. AJE, JME, TCP, RMP, GW........... I just can't keep them straight anymore. :D
  18. Got it up and level to check where the engine might go. Have to check ride hieght before making it 100% though.

    So it's nice and low in there, for now.


    Nobody would let us "borrow" a tire, so had to buy used. It's a little taller than what will go on, but for testing purposes, it will be fine. We are going with a 275/35/18. the has the nick name "Steam roller"now


    Set the tires in there to take a look. They are taller than they will be again, but just an idea.

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