CPRstreetmachines 1969 Turbo'd Pro-Touring GT2 build

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  1. Awesome. What happened to the 408?
  2. He sold it. The block and internal parts couldn't be trusted. PLus it was probably 10.5-1. I think it was a 420.
  3. Heres the pan we needed to lower.

    Some header pics. You would think with all that room, it would be easy, but noooo. The collector ended up pretty close to the #1 cyl by the time it came out of the turbo.





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  4. Looks easy to me!:shrug: Try a 9.5 block and stock towers. Kidding aside it looks great.
  5. 65-66 still way worse though.
    69 w/P/S, swaybar, and TCP rack and with a 351w and AFR 205 (yes raised exh ports to boot) to top it all off.
    :puke: The hardest yet so far.


    If you are really thinking about doing it Brian, it can be done with towers, and the rad on the correct side of the core support. It'll take some trickery, but I'll tell you how when/if you get around to it.

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  6. I am going to order one on Friday 1-30. It should be here next week. I think I will try the 75mm 1.32. The fan will have to be a pusher and the turbo and alternator will both be on the drivers side. I still think the hard part in the end will be the headers and they are already done.
  7. Lookin good. Bet its fun to mess with plugs when that thing it hot though. :)
  8. Yeah, but the only thing you can do when you have a rack and pinion. they take up ALL the room under the car. But it has a v-band on each DP to disconnect them and remove to get to the plugs.

  9. Ya, its probably the #1 thing I love about being N/A now is the room or access to things. Pulling that big arse blower off everytime you wanna do work with the distributor got old. LOL I do miss the power adder dealio though. You guys and all these turbo stangs sure make it hard not to throw some pistons and a diff cam and go that route. :)
  10. Got the other header done. Waiting for the fenders to come back in primer so I can make the IC and start mocking the cold side soon


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  11. That looks great. I'll remember how nice your welds are when I am ready for a turbo kit.
  12. Wish my Accufab headers were welded nice like that. Nice work.
  13. very nice build. those header flanges are nice and thick. mild steel?
  14. Yep, .500 MS. Probably .480 or so when I'm done sanding them flat.
  15. Are you guys going to bolt the AJE K-member in with the sleeves provided with the kit, and the bolts coming down from the engine bay, or do you have something else in mind? BTW, killer build!
  16. Gonna bolt and weld. Grind the powder and weld it in on final assembly of the car. We don't want it and everything else getting over spray on it.
  17. So you are actually going to weld the crossmember on to the frame rails? Hadn't thought about doing that, but I'm sure that would ad some strength to things on the front end.
  18. Yeah, weld her up. Try to make it nice. the K-member is a wee bit wavy, and so is the frame.

    Got the torque arm mounting tube, and made the mounting point for it.


    The tubing mounted to the frame rails, and into the floors. Looked at angling down to keep it out of the floors. But was just too low, and would have killed even more ground clearance for the exhaust.




    Front shot of torque arm right before making the mount for the arm


    Got the rack lowered and mounted.
  19. Got most of the IC made, and mock mounted. waiting on some more parts to show to continue on the kit. Just haven't had much time to post.


  20. what size is the tubing of sub-frame connector?. i dig the thru-frame type connector. thank you:nice: