CPRstreetmachines 1969 Turbo'd Pro-Touring GT2 build

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  1. It's 1.5 X 2.5. Perfect fit on these cars.
  2. Some tinkering with the parts that came in this weekend. Just need to make a bracket to hold it up in place so they line back up.


  3. are you going to mill off the the reverse bbk logo? not hatin just thinking. . . .
  4. nah it's cool. Where thinking the same thing since it's backwards. Only hard part is copying the texture. But he may want it powder coated though. So that would solve that problem.
  5. This is coming along beautifuly!

    Have you thought about a Logo style cover plate. Like a minature version of the plate on a 5.0 Cobra intake?
    It would be a shame, with all the incredible work, not to take advantage of this situation. There are graphic companies that could make up a nice plate with your logo ghosted into the background and something like PT-G2 lettered in the foreground.
    It would be cool for DK too, as how many guys can have a car custom built?
  6. I don't mind the BBK logo (all though they didn't sponsor, the cheapskates! :rolleyes:). Doing a nameplate is a cool idea but there are already other logos around the car. Don't want to over do it.

    Here a rendering of the valve covers (laser engraver should be done tuesday) and the finished quarter emblems. The qtr emblems are black anodized and then laser "milled". Don't ask how long it took me to CAD up those graphics... :nonono:

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  7. Very classy! Nice art work.
  8. i need to change my pants. That thing is awesome.
  9. Haha, thanx Edgar

    Started work on the crossover and DP's. Ended up with splitting it into 2 3's. Will reduce it down to 2.5 quickly to get it out. Just trying to find a reducer that butts ups, not a slip fit.


    This kit is going to have quite a few v-bands. 8 ! Since it's going through the K-member, need to make it possible to get it out. 5 are on the Dp's.



    Got the 5in split, and split the tubing a little to get it to form to the smaller stuff. You would figure being so big it would be easy to from. Nope. Had to stick it in the press and weld. That sucked.

  10. I officially to damn big for this kinda work. Mind you at 275, welding with the pedal between my legs, sucks.



  11. Been working a little on the turbo kit, nothing really new. But got it back from the paint shop and getting some more stuff done while the primer sets up.
    Maier export came in, and didn't quite fit right. But niether do any others. So we just ordered it unassembled, and got 'er done.

    And making the grill with the inner head light delete

    Try this again...
  12. noooo the pictures stopped!! great looking car, love to follow that guy in the rain push all the water off the road before it gets to me lols. nice tires
  13. That looks like some pretty thin metal that is bolted to the shock towers--do you think it will be strong enough to do the job of keeping the towers in place?

    I have an export brace from a no-name manufactuer that is almost identical to this one, but the plates at the rear and on the shock towers are probably either 18-ga or at best, 16-ga steel; I'm going to redo them with 1/4" flat stock so that they'll actually keep those shock towers where they're supposed to be before trying to install it onto mine . . .
  14. Ohhh, god no. It's not that thin. If it was, It woulda been thrown away lol. When the engine comes back out it will get a little more bracing on that piece, and the underside of the pinch welds on that cowl.
  15. How did you roll the fender lip? Hammer and dolly?

  16. Rolled around a 5/16 rod. Thats the way we do it here in Europe. :canada:
  17. Yeah, a hammer and dolly at frist to get it to lay flat enough to grab the rod. then a big 'ole air hammer with a round punch to hammer it flat and wrap around the rod really hard
  18. Alright, got the brackets done, everything mocked, and fits, barely. Talk about a tight fit. The MC for the clutch BARELY fits. Talk about 10 lbs in a 5lb bag.

  19. Alright. It's been at paint getting trued up. Got it back from a few last minute changes. Like this....