CPRstreetmachines 1969 Turbo'd Pro-Touring GT2 build

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  1. Finally getting some paint on that car, followed by the clear. Today it should get it's parts blacked out. The pictures really don't do the actually color justice. It flops really well from light to dark, depending on the amount of light. The flash does make it a little funny looking because of all the blue in the color. Hopefully we can get some pics up that really show the color, and from a distance.






  2. Looks awesome!!! Cant wait to see it put back together and on the ground!
  3. dude that's hot
  4. God, the black is on it now. Toooo fine.
  5. You're killing us with suspense!

    Aaaaccckkk!!!!! :eek:

    Way to leave your fans hanging. :ban:

    Good God Man! Where is your sense of decency! (spoken in my best De Forest Kelley voice)

    Where's da pics! The body color is awesome (at least it looks killer on my monitor). Get back in there and get those pictures posted... There will be plenty of time to sleep when you're dead.
    Now, Go, Go, Go!!!!! :flag:

  6. +1, all day I've been waiting for the pics with black paint :shrug:
  7. Sorry, sorry. Got them uploaded, then it got real crazy around here. Scrambling for parts for 5 cars that came in yesterday.:(

    So what do you think of the colors ?





  8. :jaw: Holy Mona Lisa Batman! That is absolutely jaw dropping B-E-A-U-T-Y-F-U-L!
    Two thumbs way the heck up!

    I was never a fan of two tone paints, but this is the second car I've seen that looks awesome. And the color choice and depth of color on this, is freakin' stunning. Wow! What an awesome job! :nice:
    You've really stepped up the bar on this build. Now the pressure is on to make the whole car this stunning!
    Keep up the great work. :flag:
  9. AWESOME, paint scheme, I look forward to seeing the car assembled.
  10. This looks awesome!!!!
  11. I know. :(
    The rear are cobra brakes.Sorry if I missed that twuxtop

    Paint was all the owners idea. But now says he may be afraid to race it lol
  12. Dang, that's freaking nice.
  13. Really digging the colors. Cant wait till its all together.
  14. Ummm WOW!! is really all I can say to that one!
  15. Been a while. Have me head buried in it right now. Some pics of some progress. Engine and trans in, running the EFI now and going to wire the dash soon for the new gauges.

  16. What engine management system will be going on this car? Car looks great so far, thanks for the progress updates, exciting build.
  17. Would it be possible for you to post more pictures of the AJE K-member installation, including the suspension?
  18. BigStuff3 :nice:
  19. Been working on it I swear. Custom Alt bracket to mount the Alt high and driver side is done and out for anodizing along with some other things. Almost done in the engine bay. When done, gotta pull the kit back off to finish the wrap and pain the DP's and what not, then glue it on permanently. The exh is done out to the mufflers also, along with fuel mostly run, and tank sumped.