CPRstreetmachines 1969 Turbo'd Pro-Touring GT2 build

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  1. under 8 minutes? Piece o'cake!

    All you have to do is drive like this guy:

    Video: Corvette ZR1 at the Nurburgring | The Car Tech blog - CNET Reviews

    or this guy:

    5Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR sets Nurburgring lap record Video

    Just watching those guys almost makes the bowels loosen. That one uphill followed by the right hander where they seem to get air at, what, 125, 150? followed by a right hand turn is serious pucker action. Get as much downforce as you can hang off that sportsroof and really get a feel for it before you go all out . . .
  2. i can't wait to see a video. seriously!! <3 germany for it's highways and the green monster
  3. You is in trouble lol. I was reading on that track. CRAZY. You can't have video or cameras ? Didn't read on that. <---off he runs
  4. Dang, easy to find when knowing what to look for. Crazy. Wonder why.
  5. There is talk around he shop about what this car will do at his home town track. See what you guys think.

    His current car does 140 on the limiter at the end of the straight with about 400 hp and 373 gears is it ?
    Now, about double that hp, maybe a bit more....we'll see what the clutch has to say. Throw in 3.25 gearing on top of that. For a reference....

    My car, only a real 302, no intercooler. I dropped from 4.11's to 3.25's (when added turbo), 7 psi gained 8 mph in 660 ft. 14 psi gained me 18 mph in 660 ft !!!!!

    With that in mind, add an intercooler with some added things here and there to make it work better. Add 55 cubes, and another 3-5 psi. What will be the difference in 5280 ft be when we compare difference of 18 mph in 660ft ? :ack: Car should do 163 in 4th gear. It has 6 gears. :nonono:
  6. 3M clear mask stuff.

    3M makes a clear adhesive tape mask for cars to stave off paint damage from track usage. I've never tried it, but have seen it used. I'm told it peels off after the track event.
    Might be worth trying.
    That paint really did turn out awesome. As is the whole car. :nice:

    Missing the European MXGPs, and not driving on the "Ring", are my only two regrets. I did make awesome time on a night run from Bremerhaven to Austria, in a turbo Saab that was really fun. We needed to get to the ski resort in a hurry, just in case the snow was going to melt. :D
  7. Just came back from CA, brought over the CF spoilers and helped a bit on wiring the beast. The project has been on a bit of hold awaiting all the interesting changes the EU has made to import customs and VAT on classic cars. For a while it has been uncertain whether I'd be able to bring it in (more than $20k added in taxes) but there is hope at the end of the tunnel it seems.
    And before anyone comments: that is NOT the right steering wheel! Missing an adaptor ring for the quick release that will take a Grant woody or a suede Momo.

    View attachment 231753 View attachment 231754 th_2010_0123_2203392.jpg

    th_2010_0123_220352.jpg th_2010_0123_220441.jpg th_2010_0123_220506.jpg

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    View attachment 231762 th_2010_0124_003534.jpg
  8. B.E.A.utiful craftmanship

    LOVE IT!!! More picts, more picts...
  9. B.E.A.utiful craftmanship

    LOVE IT!!! More picts, more picts...
  10. No news in a while.

    In short the recent changes to our EU import taxation, inspection and registration of classic and modified cars, means that the GT2 has now become to expensive (for me) to import and register in Denmark. So here it comes... :(

    Ultimate pro-touring Mustang FOR SALE

    The project stands as shown in the latest progress update. It basically just needs finishing of the electricals (at ~90%), assembly of interior, doors, rubber & glass, body panels, some exhaust and then dial-in. All the nice, custom and expensive stuff is there and waiting, so you are looking at minor parts + labor. CPR Streetmachines have done the build and will want to finish it. They are one of the best shops I have ever worked with and are knowing, always true to promises and fair in pricing.
    This is not a budget build, so be realistic in price expectations. Trades considered (Mustang). PM me if you a serious and want to discuss.
  11. :( That really sucks man.

    Did you intend for the "For Sale" text to be a link?