Cra won't turn over!!

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  1. Hey everybody!
    What's up? I got myself into a delima my tensionor on my timing belt broke on me in the driveway this weekend and been stuck home.
    Ive tried setting everything tdc and still no go. I had the cam 180 and she would turn over fine wouldn't start ofcourse but when i put in tdc she trys to turn but seems to bind or something and just won't start.
    Ive checked all my grounding cables replaced the battery and starter and still won't turn over with out a struggle.
    I thought i bent the the valves but if the 2.3 is a non interference motor then what gives.
    Ive tried putting the cam in different positions thinking that the cam timing might be off but nada. It sounds like almost a dead battery when trying to turn it over but like i said battery and starter are new.
    I definitly need some help on this one...
    :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang:
  2. just becuase you line up the points on the crank doesn't mean it's TDC on cylinder #1. what you need to do is remove cyl. #1 sparkplug and stick something thin long and soft, like a straw so if it drops it doesn't fall in, and put that in. turn the crack until the straw starts to come up, you now founf cyl. 1's upstroke. now you can find TDC for cyl. 1, put the sparkplug back in, line up the cam, and line up the distributor if neccessary.
  3. I just got done doing that i also pulled the distributer and realigned that.
    She turns over now just still won't start.
    I hear the fuel pump i checked the shrader valve it's filling up with fuel not sure how to test the injectors for pulses though.
    i'm running out of ideas!!!!!
    Help i need my car back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :mad: :mad: :mad:
  4. If you've got cyl #1 on the up stroke, the cam turned down towards the 3 alignment pegs, the distrubutor show be pointing (if im remember right) towards the first fuel injector. Anyways, if you have fuel pressure, and you've checked your plugs (and double checked) making sure you dont have them mixed up on the cap. Then i would say loosen up the locking nut on the distrubtor (just like you were setting the timing, cuz u are ;) )....have a friend keep turning the car over as u move (either retard or advance) the distrub until it starts to choke and start. Thats how ive seen a few started with the same symtoms as yours...