Cracked Head?!

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  1. Some of you may remember that I bought a set of Roush branded RHS heads about 5 or six months ago. I've been real busy lately but I got a chance to work on them a little this week. All I was doing was polishing the chambers and knocking the casting flash out of the runners and bowls.

    I found small hairline cracks in about 4 or 5 of the bowl areas. The cracks are all on the intake bowls and run down the valve guide boss. Some are shorter, maybe 1/2" and the longest is maybe 1 1/2-2". I showed some pictures to my machinist today. He said we could pressure check the heads and see, but he pointed out that cracks just tend to run. He confirmed what I thought and said that the guides were pressed into a hole that was probably not sized properly.

    He recommended that I give Roush and/or RHS the opportunity to fix the problem. I told him that I really doubted they would own it, especially since I have had them so long and the fact that I was polishing on them. I called around today to Roush and could never talk to anyone who knew anything. I didn't get a warm and fuzzy from the last guy I spoke to who was going to tell his boss about it when he returned from holiday vacation.

    Anyways, have any of you ever seen anything like this before? This is a BRAND NEW set of heads. I can't seem to find anything about it online. It makes me sick to my stomach. My budget heads are going to turn into a new set of AFR's before this is over if they don't own up to this.


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  2. Solid bummer man. I know you were grinding on them, but if it's truly a crack, the casting isn't worth anything to Roush anyway. Hopefully they will help you out. Who did you buy these heads through?
  3. Bought them through Roush. My machinist says they can be welded most likely, but who knows what that will costs. I didn't use any stones or burrs, just cartridge rolls. I know I didn't cause this.

    My machinist said that he has had good luck with TFS making right on some heads before. We will see.

  4. UPDATE!

    I heard back from the manager at Roush. He said they pulled another set of heads and found that they had the cracks too. He reassured me that the cracks would cause no problems; however, he offered me a refund if I wanted it. I said yes. I talked to my machinist and he is going to order me a set of AFR 185's after I get the refund. I think I will be happier overall.

    As bad of an experience as this has been, all I can say is that Roush stepped up and did what was right, or so they say they will. I will keep you all informed.

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  5. good that roush stepped up. it sounds like they may have had a bad run of heads that were missed, and thanks to you that will be corrected.
  6. Good deal!
  7. Awesome deal! Not everything works out like this!!!
  8. good deal!
  9. Wow awesome they found other ones like that!!
    Btw Cracks will not hurt your heads or performance per Roush :spit:
  10. I've seen these small cracks around other brand heads before and have heads pressure test fine and perform fine. I wish I would have seen this soon as I have a good contact inside of Roush for this kind of stuff. Either way you won't be disappointment with the AFR 185's. I'm not surprised at all that Roush took care of you on this as they are one top notch company to deal with.
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  11. Well, Roush stood up and took care of me. My heads arrived around 10:20 this morning at Roush, by lunch I had my money returned to my Paypal account, along with my shipping costs! So in the end, it was a great company to deal with.

    My machinist called and priced my new Renegade AFR 185s, we are going to order them Friday! Getting excited. My machinist is going to install my AFM valve springs, upgrade to 10 degree locks and retainers and 7/16 studs.

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  12. Nice to see Roush does the right thing!. You will be happy with the AFR 185 heads, good idea with the upgrade studs hopefully they are ARP studs. I broke a AFR rocker stud and after checking forums seems it was common and the fix was ARP studs which i now have.
  13. Yeah, I am super excited about the AFR's. The extra cost means that I won't have my new HCI done in time for NMRA Atlanta, but that's fine. I'm going to put my long tubes on with my new Mickey Thompsons and see if I can go 12.50's. BTW, have you ever dynoed your combo? What intake are you running?

  14. just read the title and saw crackhead :cool:
  15. IIRC it's a Cobra intake and the power numbers are much higher than you'd expect. It's a legit little combo.
  16. Edelbrock performer, home ported gt40 irons, N41 cam, all on my home built 331. Ran 12.93 with a best 1.85 60 ft. That was leaving around 3000rpms, fighting a littl wheel spin. Hoping to leave around 4000rpm, maybe higher with the mickey thompson drag radials.

  17. Never mind my response, I see you were responding for 89stang1. lol.

  18. With those AFR's you should pick up at least .3-.5 and maybe more. Stout package :nice: How do you like that cam?
  19. I like it fine. I shift around 6000 in it right now, but it pulls well to the stock rev limiter. I hope for more than .3-.5, lol. I am adding the AFR 185's, N71 cam, Holley Systemax, .5 point compression, long tubes and a tune. I think I am around 305rwhp now (guesstimate) and I hope to be around 370+ RWHP when all said and done. We will see.

  20. O
    Oh thought it was just a head change and was being conservative on the estimate. In that case you def should pick up a lot. Lol good luck. Maybe an 11.xx??