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  1. I'm seriously considering going with the old school Cragar SS 17" X 8" mags I see on Ebay but would love to see a car with them on.
    Changing the wheels means mandatory chenging the tires so it is an expensive proposition.

    any pics out there ? please ! :nice:
  2. Are you in the correct forum?

    What kind of car do you have?
  3. I saw some with some Radial TA's at a dealer here on a Six and they looked awsome.
    EDIT: I saw the thread and followed it in I guess I was talking 'bout the '05 :D
  4. YES 05 Vert or fastback pics are fine
  5. Nice pics looks great! :nice:
  6. i had the 17" old school cragars on my 2000 s-10 xtreme. it looked bad as hell and everywhere i went, everyone was rubber-neckin'. let me know if you want a pic, and is so, tell me how to resize the file so i can attach it here.
  7. I would go with some American Racing Torq Thrust II's personally.
  8. That's not my ride, but I dig it too!