Cragar SS wheels - unilug?

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  1. I was told by someone on another board not to use Cragar SS wheels because they are "unilug" and are tough to get aligned and maintain that alignment. First... a "unilug" (taken literally as one lug) doesn't seem to make sense , and second is any of that true?

    Need to know that, cause I plan on picking up some Cragars in the future.

    PS - For a 65-66, 4.5" backspacing on a 15 x 7/8 inch rim is optimal, right?
  2. First of all, not all Cragars are Uni-Lug. Second, "Uni" stands for "universal" as washers around the lugs can be flipped around, thereby fitting Chebby and Ford lug patterns. My Torq Thrustish wheels are Uni-Lugs, and I have had absolutely zero issues with alignment.
  3. Blake pretty much nailed it. I tend to be extra carefull of the torque on unilug wheels, but since they've been used on about 10,000,000 cars over the past 40 years I'd say alignment and wheel-offs are not a significant problem.

  4. :bs: I have been using Crager SS wheels for many years.
    The Biggest problem with them is not many Tire Monkeys know how to install them correctly.

    When you are putting on the lugs,you MUST hand tighten them togeather as the washers will turn and then you bend them. :notnice:
    Snug the lugs as you hold the wheel centered and watch the washer alingment to the wheel, when all are tightly snugged and washers are flat to the wheel,then tork the lugs to proper setting.

  5. This would pretty much eliminate allowing anyone at a tire store from installing wheels. I've never seen them do anything but zap each lug on to full torque with an air wrench. Could be the reason for the bad wrap on the unilug. It's not the part's fault that installers don't know/care. :flag:
  6. Good point John... I was planning on installing them myself, so no issues. This is good. Thanks guys.
  7. Im runnin cragar ss unilug, and yea like the others said, you will need the washers and tighten them by hand soo they all align up. I bought my cragars for 150 on ebay and my washers with lugs for 20.

  8. not to be repetitive but you should tighten them by hand first. it was kinda tough at first to allign them but you get used to it :)
  9. I just got a set of SS wheels - what's the difference between the center and offcenter washers? Which ones would be correct for a '69 Mustang?
  10. Summit racing has the best price - got my there no problems. For a 1970 the washers I have were off center.
  11. We had the SS unilugs with no problems for alignment. Just have to watch the installers and double check that the washers are on correctly. the washers state which side to mount toward the wheel, unfortunately some people can't read.