Craiglist Winner Of The Day

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  1. You guys stay back... I'm so buying this! @tannerc91gt why did we have to find out the hard way that you were selling your SN95??
  2. If mine was half that mint it would have never left the garage!
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  3. I like where the guy says they had to shorten the driveshaft 2 feet to get the trans and engine
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  4. That's odd cause when I swapped the TKO into mine, I needed that little drive shaft spacer from Steeds. Must be cause mines an 03. Yeah, I'm sure that's it.
  5. Never ever raced but comes with an extra set of wheels and Hossier slicks. Lol:rlaugh:
  6. I'd pay his asking price of a $1. I bet I can trickle charge that red top back to life, and the rest I can scrap for around $200.

  7. Wow! looks like you get a winner.
  8. Holy $hit
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  9. Only $5,000. I bet you can get him to throw in the left over white spray paint, you know for interior touch up
  10. I see crap like that in Memphis on a daily basis. Its disgusting!!
  11. Those wheels look like they were handmade out of beer keg bottoms