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  1. Not a lot on details... Overpriced wreck. parts Factory mag wheels I'd say it's an overpriced 4-banger car, but low mileage survivors like this one have been going for more on Barrett Jackson. A new carpet and a solid detailing, and this might be an investment. Grille for a nice price (I've sold several for more on Ebay) '74 Grille for a nice price. Vintage metric wheels (where in the hell would you find tires though?)
  2. A bit rough for that price. I would expect it to run flawlessly if it looks like that.

    My dad had a '77 almost identical to this. Same color, same wheels. It got banged up in a snowstorm and he ultimately traded it up for a '77 Cobra.

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  4. I would DD the crap out of that thing. LOL
  5. I had thoughts of building one of those out of my '76 after I discovered the frame damage I'd missed when I bought it, but there are already 7 other vehicles and three trailers here and I got tired of storing that one at a friend's house, so I parted it.
  6. Pics of the King that IIGood posted about.....




  7. So I'm just wasting time here at work, check out Craigslist and look at what I found!! I think the seller might be overstating the rarity of the King a bit, but hella nice regardless judging from the pics!

    "I have a super rare 1978 Mustang II King Cobra. Restored within the last 10 years. Decals newer and look great. Transmission shifts smoothly. Car starts right up and has performance cam. The 302 is powerful with its upgrades and sounds mean. Interior is perfect from seats to headliner. No rust on floorboards. Brand new hard to find 13" white letter tires. Rims are redone. Car has A/C but needs new compressor. This is a level 2 car or an 8.5 on a scale of 1-10. If you know there are only 2100 cars ever made with this King cobra combo you know how rare it is. Trade for Corvette, Fox body Mustang, El Camino, Street Rod or other cool hot rods."





  8. Billings Montana Craigs list has one for $1000