Crane Cams Interceptor programmer

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by beaver2489, May 11, 2004.

  1. anyone use one of these on thier stang? I put it on my car today and it helped get the idle under control (still speed density), and got the fuel really smoothed it out well, but I haven't driven it yet. Has anyone used one of these and what results did you get i.e. dyno #'s, track #'s...any improvements? For those who dont know, the intercetpor plugs into your car's computer and allows you to adjust and monitor, fuel, timing, spark, rev limiter..**** like that
  2. TTT no one has used this?
  3. is it a chip or just a re-flash for your stock computer?
  4. no, its like another computer...I'll take a pic of it tonight. Its an engine management computer. you unplug your car's computer, plug this management computer into the car's computer, and then plug the wire harness that was plugged into the car's computer into the management computer. and it stays in your car. here I found a picture of the newer version [​IMG]
  5. i bought one off the internet once about 6 years ago. It was passworded, and I couldnt get in it. Anderson's bought the business side of it, but doesnt support the older version. So here i am stuck with a crane interceptor with no pass code to change anything, and its totally useless.
  6. jackchan did you buy it off ebay? i sold one on ebay without the p/w. as far as the crane interceptor. its old school. not used much anymore, just think it looks good.