Crane HI6S igntion box & Crane LX92 coil

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by Joe 5.0, Feb 28, 2011.

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    Crane HI6 Ignition Box & Crane LX92 Ignition Coil.

    The coil has maybe 5 miles on it and 10 minutes of idle time. I purchased it from Summit for $73.90 (including handling).

    The ignition box is 100% working condition, and looks just about brand new.

    I bought it to see if my current box was working (and it was). This has maybe 5k miles on it, def no more.

    No wires were cut, and I'l even throw in the adapter so its plug & play with the Crane coil. ($20 value).

    This box also has a built-in rev limiter, and its TONS better built than the typical MSD 6AL.

    I'm looking for $150 shipped for both, or I'll seperate $125 for the box and $50 for the coil.

    The ignition box is $250 and the coil is $68 on summit, so you are saving $170.
  2. Hey budd, u still have this if so any gains on this set up, what were u using it primary for but i do want this..
  3. Yes I still have it.

    I used it back when I had a s-trim because I had spark blowout with the stock ignition and I wanted the rev limiter to pull timing, not fuel (like the stock limiter does).

    It worked great, and its rated for 14.5:1 compression, so you know its very strong. Its 100x better than the typical MSD 6AL which likes to crap out (had it happen personally), and it produces better spark output by a ton.
  4. sounds good man, hey go head and in box me ur info and assuming u use pay pal??, and i will get the funds too u..
  5. Money just sent!!
  6. Is this 100% sold?If not PM or text me and i will pay pal you 360 241 8025
  7. Its pending clearing of funds, but odds are its sold. If it falls through I'll let you know.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.