Crane Interceptor 2, like PMS anderson For Sale

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Mar 15, 2010
Selling my crane interceptor 2 for 1989-1993 5.0 with the EEC-IV.

listed on ebay heres more info and you can email me at mmessina123 at with any questions.

Anderson Ford bought the interceptor from crane and renamed it the PMS ($969.00+$269data logging software)

-This came out of my 1993 mustang with a single turbo, I have since switched to a very expensive and complicated standalone unit, quick buy this b4 I change my mind :)

-It was sent to Crane and had the latest upgrades during the time when Anderson Ford was in the process of buying them out.

-Comes with Datalogging software (laptop required), and digital & paper copies of the manual.

-Besides the details below, my personal experience with this allowed me to;

Increase fuel economy by about 6-8% by pulling fuel/adding timing at cruise RPMS.

Boost up to 16lbs on a stock bottom end with no failures because the air/fuel was correctly maintained, and

Have a perfect start and idle quality

Basically if you decide to run Nitrous or Boost and keep the factory computer you NEED this tuner.

Otherwise you are “caveman tuning” with your fuel press reg and set timing, and will eventually, if not right away, blow head gaskets or worse.

Must have features of this piggyback tuner;

Hold 3 separate tunes, NO laptop needed, Plug & Play no splicing of wires, installs in minutes,

No single tune chip to send out for every mod, or waiting for/dealing with/paying the “tuner guy”.

Data log to a computer - Invaluable for tuning (special software included, $269 value FREE)

Tune based on Boost - (need 20$ gm boost sensor) pull timing and add fuel based on Boost PSI

Tune based on Nitrous - pull timing and add fuel based on Nitrous activation.

Adjust your idle – In realtime with the engine running. See results as you make changes. (lean/richen, add/remove timing) Finally no hunting idle!

Accessory Harness – Smart Switches (qty 2) N2O Controller. Activate almost any accessory via RPM or Throttle position

Rev Limiter - change the factory rev limiter and tune up to 8000 RPM

Offers these features;
Realtime monitoring of;

Spark Timing RPM O2 sensors (lean/rich), Injectors (pulse width)

Throttle Position Idle Air Flow lbs/hr (Mass Air meter)
Engine Load Range Manifold Pressure & Vaccume

Fuel Duty Cycle % (see if your injectors are being pushed past their limits)

Error Codes - View detected error codes and solutions

Please feel free to send me any questions before bidding.

I am willing to offer free tech support via email to the winner if the biding goes over $350.

If you are in S. Fla and want to pick it up no problem, If you live in S. Fla and want I can help you tune also.
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