Cranks but won’t start


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Oct 25, 2020
Hello all. The owner of this site said Bronco owners were welcome to post here so I’m taking him up on his offer in the hopes of getting some help. Have a 96 bronco with 351 v8. For some reason it won’t start after I drive it in the morning. Here’s what happens:

First start in the garage it fires up. I drive it to gym, I park it for an hour, I come out and it won’t fire up. It cranks and has full power, but won’t start. If I sit and wait for a while it will start again. Drive it home and it won’t start again. Doesn’t stall, doesn’t run crappy at all. Just has this intermittent starting problem.

When it wouldn’t start I tested spark plug with spark plug tester and it wasn’t getting spark. That’s when I decided to replace ICM. After replacing it, it started fine with no issues... until two days later it wouldn’t start at the gym again. Then I replaced the ICM with another one and it started again.... until a day later it wouldn’t start again. Ugh! Yes, I applied the included thermal grease on the back of the ICM.

I don’t THINK it’s fuel pump because ai can hear it coming on in key on position. It also runs perfect once it starts. Also distributor cap, wires, plugs were changed last month.

Open to any and all ideas. Thank you
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