Crash! :(

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  1. Crashed my stang today, freaking ice....fishtail into a concrete wall...

    so, gonna need a new bumper so i figure i may aswell get the body kit now...

    found a site that sells the full saleen body kit, front, sides, and rear for $550 total

    the site is

    that price seems extremely low to me, only thing I could find was that they don't come primed...

    Anyone know if its legit? etc?
  2. oops didnt mean to repost
  3. if you are gonna buy a body kit get a decent one.... if you buy a non reputable brand or buy a look alike you will be very mad you did... the prep work to make it fit right if it will at all will run you way over what the ral thing would cost you, so get the real thign and pay extra to save a few bucks down the road.
  4. Body kits are gay. Make it look like a stock V6 and do some mad engine work. You will get much more gratification spanking people who think they're fast than looking like every other stock Saleen out there.
  5. i think that site is all fiberglass body kits, alot easier to break, more rigid
  6. aposed to what? polyurithane?
  7. I wonder which forum has the most accidents.

    I'd be willing to say the V6 forums near the top of the list if not #1. Classics are prolly near the bottom.
  8. The reason I want to get the saleen bumper is because I think it would be stupid for me to pay $200-$300 for a new OEM bumper and eventually replace it with a $500 saleen one costing me $700-$800 when I could just get the saleen one now for $500, not to mention insurance will pay for $200-$300 of it.

    So that site is not the "real" saleen kit? I was thinking that but was not sure.

    Edit : So where is a good place to purchase the saleen front bumper?

  9. Will make ur sixer slower cuz fiberglass is heavy and a pain in the ass to work with. Ur body shop needs to be an expert with the stuff. :nonono:

    Poly is the tihs that is why automakers use it. :nice:

    Besides, u get what u pay for. :bang:
  10. that's how my car's transformation started......I think I just had an air freshener in it to begin with.

    Some D!CK in a suburban pulled out in front of me.....causing me to get a cervini's stalker hood/front bumper/fog lights. Then I got the side exhaust/styling bar.....shortly thereafter, PROCHARGER. Then leather seats....SCT tune...bullitt wheels/pirelli tires....etc. etc. etc.

    Think maybe I can charge that guy for all the stuff I "had" to do to the car? :shrug: haha
  11. I need some pics of your car, i'm obsessed with wrecked stangs since mine got creamed. Well, i creamed someone else :bang:

  12. if it matters, there is someone on ebay selling a full urethane saleen kit. Don't remember the site #