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Feb 2, 2016
Ok so i have an 88 GT and want to throw in a blue print engine with 390hp. The only problem is, its carbuerated but can be fuel injected, but it did say not compatible with stock fuel injection. So i looked at some websites and it said my car is speed density efi. It said i needed to convert to MAF, which my car has already been converted to. So i was hoping maybe someone could help me out, i dont want to buy an engine just to have it be the wrong one and waste aloy of money. The engine is BP3060CT on Thanks.
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I donr like carbuerators and have always liked efi. Its more reliable and efficient.

I prefer the EFI myself but but a running carb setup can also be badass and generally make a bit more HP than EFI on the same combo.

Forget the OEM style speed density system. If you convert to EFI then it's got to be a Mass Air system or an aftermarket system. You would need and EEC (A9L is common), a complete EFI harness, upper and lower plenum, throttle body, EGR spacer, Fuel injectors, an in-tank fuel pump and pickup, fuel rails, lines, and regulator, Fuel pump relay and harness, an EFI distributer, cap, and rotor, and an inlet and air filter setup.... Whew...

Probably best to try and get everything off of one car if you can.

If I've forgotten something, someone else might see it.

Otherwise, you might want to look at aftermarket. If you have a working carb setup, maybe you can find someone who wants to swap.

Try the WTB forum is the classifieds section.


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Google them, contact them, and/or contact Summit for their recommendations. I'll wager you can run EFI, but it will more than likely require a custom tune, probably larger injectors than the stock 19 pounders and a better intake manifold. I'll bet the stock stuff will not let you realize the full potential of this particular setup. I'm sure their recommendations on the website basically mean that it is not a stock replacement for an old, worn out 5.0. Kinda like a disclaimer to not eat dog food. Sure, it's edible and digestible, but don't expect it to make you feel great....


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Dec 19, 2010
Question: What is the reason for converting to EFI?

It seems like his car is currently efi and he'd have to swap ove to carb.. Which is doable, but he'd have to change his fuel system up and his distributor.. I agree carbed engines can be awesome, but you know..