Crazy Electrical issues

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  1. I have a 2005 Ford Mustang gt Coupe 5 speed. Over the last couple of years I have noticed weird things happening. Sometimes my auto button for my windows will not work. Other times when I open the door with the key on or I put my blinker on I will sometimes have a chime and others I wont. Now it gets weirder. Here recently I had the car sitting for about a month every week I would have to jump it off to start up. It has a new battery and alternator seems to be fine? Cables also look fine. Now recently it started lighting every led on my information center located in the instrument cluster. As if it was in test mode like the shaker radio will do if you put it in test mode and check the LED's on it. Also with my car off sometimes I will here the radio trying to eject CD's. I don't know why because the CD player doesn't work. I asked some buddies and they said it could be the Body Control Module. What you guys think???
    P.S. My volt meter gauge is not working anymore either. I believe the stepper motor has gone out because if I let the gauges sweep back and forth about 40 times in a row the gauge will eventually end back up where it is supposed to be at. I heard this is common in these.
  2. Don't assume the alternator is good, seems to be fine isn't good enough. There have been a lot of issues similar to yours caused by a failing alternator.
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  3. Alright I will stop by work and have it tested again... Makes sense ill make sure that it is good... I work for Advance Auto so I should have done this already...:bang:Ill post the results sometime tonight... Thanks