Crazy Horse Mustangs In NJ?

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  1. Just wondering how reputable this shop is. Does anyone have personal experience.
  2. oh boy

    Seems like this site has always been pro someone other than Crazyhorse Racing....

    I have used Chris Winters (Crazyhorse Racing) on my 01GT for full exhaust,gears, underdrive pulleys and a dyno tune and superchip chip..

    I had him put a 2.80 pulley, chip , sub frames, strut tower bar, line locs and a new clutch in my 03 Cobra.

    I have had no complaints. His prices are reasonable compared to the other performance shops..

    In fact I told Chris WInter that I wanted to run 12.0 in my CObra. He recommended just doing the pulley and chip. With those and drag radials I ran 12.0 my first time out after the work! My car is also running faster than many other cobras with more work down to them. In the cool temps 50s-60s it runs 11s

    I have heard good and bad about Laroccas, JDM Engineering and Crazyhorse. I would still bring my car to any of them.
  3. I have been using Crazy Horse Racing for almost 5 years now and I travel to them from Bridgeport, CT.
  4. Chris at Crazy Horse has been around a long time..I have used his services with no complaints..Chris has Dyno also...
  5. He does awesome work but comes on like a prick if you know what I mean. I now use Jd performance: better customer service, awesome work and listens to what you have to say.
  6. where is crazy horse? cana nyone leave a link too.
  7. yea all i know is that turbo people rent out their dyno. no help here
  8. I believe Crazy Horse is in South Amboy, but if I am wrong someone correct me...

    As far as work done by them I havent had any (havent had any done by anyone but me) but have heard good things about them. I also believe MM&FF uses Crazy Horse racing quite a bit for installs, if that means anything to you?

    As far as coming off as a prick Im sure in his line of work he has to work with so many uneducated people it can get redundant, therefore you expect everyone to be like that.
  9. crazyhorse

    There is no site right now. The shop changed hands a few times in the past year. Chris sold it but stayed on as head mech. The guy...former owner known as Phil...was talking big about how the shop was going to did actually i think they started to move into all the surrounding buildings and were going to start producing their own parts...exhausts etc etc

    Then the new owner "PHil" just took off..left town after packing up a trailer full of parts and tools. From what I have heard from Chris and this day no one can find Phil and the POlice say because he was technically the owner that there is nothing that can be done.

    Chris is still working overtime to make up for his losses.

    Chris WInter has always been good to me in person and over the phone.

    I agree that it must be easy to get pretty irratated at some of the people that show up or call asking all sorts of stupid questions and expect Chris to stand there and answer them for a half or so! I have witnessed it as I have waited for my car to get done.

    I guess if you want cushy customer service go to JDM...but you pay for it! $90 an hour labor rates at JDM vs. $75 i crazyhorse

    Still I would go to either shop.......thus far I have exclusively used Crazy Horse

    Chris Winter just fixed my leaking Diff...had to drop the entire rear to fix it in the cobra... 5-6 hour job and he gave me an incredible deal! Someone from the track had just contacted him and mentioned that I spoke highly of the shop. This same person has used JDM in the past, but is going to Crazy Horse to have his line locs installed.
  10. Crazy Horse does awesome work but when I went there to get a dyno tune, I told chris that I wanted a computer chip to accomodate the mods done to my car and having no emmissions or egr it was necessary. He quickly responded, "these cars don't need a computer chip, whoever told you that is a ****ed up."
    All I wanted was a computer chip with a dyno tune, but he refused to do a chip. I ended up going to another shop that alot of mustangers swore by.
    Why would he talk to me like that when I spent over 5000 dollars there? Thats what I mean when I say a, "prick". If he would listen a little better and treat his customers nicer than I wouldn't mind spending my money there but theres many more shops out there that do quality work, discount the prices and respect the customer. Had to flame...
  11. ...

    I would have gone somewhere else if that happened on my first trip to a shop....and after researching it some more I found that Chris was wrong.

    I would be impressed with a shop that tells me I dont need something....would make me believe he's not just out to make a buck selling you something you dont really need...
  12. Thats one way I looked at it but on the other hand I wanted a chip so I wouldn't blow my motor up. He could have wanted the car to blow up so I had to go there and have a rebuild. I thought he was cool at first and the work he performed on my car is amazing! But from now on I guess I will go elsewhere.
  13. I have got to chime in here. Miklowcic knows me, we go back to the days when Crazy Horse was in Clark, NJ. Why would he tell you that you don't need a chip when he is a Superchips dealer and a SCT tuner. I don't understand where that comes from. All he wants is to provide the best customer service he can and to make his customers happy with the work they want. I am not trying to sell you on the shop, but I go to him from CT and have no reason to go anywhere else.
  14. I have no idea? Maybe he didn't want the hassle? Did he give you a chip on your dyno? Does he come off hostile towards you?
  15. I have no chip in my car cause I am mostly stock when it comes to motor. Just a few bolt ons. We decided against it because there would only be a minimal gain at best and it wouldn't be worth the cost. Also, the computer in the 94-95 GT stinks. I would replace the computer first. Hostile? Absolutely not!
  16. Well Im supercharged so I definetly need a chip. And not having egr is looking for detonation without one. I would say he provides the best workmanship but customer service is down. One of my buddies agrees with me on this one as well. He has a 2003 mustang gt with cams in it and nos which Chris said, "oh theres no need for a tune on a car with cams and nos". Im not bashing anyone here just quoting the facts. Yes crazy horse put my engine in my car, fuel system, brakes, trans, radiator, etc and only charged me 4800 which was a hudge job. The work is amazing but when a problem occured and he didn't like a part, he would call me up and bash the part and say there's no way he is installing that. I was advised by laracos on what parts to get too. Yes, I would go back to Crazy Horse for certain work but not all. Chris is weird, one time hes cool and the next total opposite.
  17. Well, I just emailed this thread to Chris, I'll find out what he has to say.
  18. I do admit that every shop has there own input.
  19. marc, when you coming to the track next? Al.
  20. i smell a rat :nonono: