Crazy Horse Mustangs In NJ?

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  1. Then you smell yourself. It's only fair that Chris know what is being said about him and given a chance to respond to it. If someone were talking about you, you would want to know it.
  2. Hey Al, probably not until Nov. at Lime Rock unless I get some more time off from work. After Pocono last month, things went real well and it's time to get a roll bar and harnesses put it. Hit 140 MPH going into the bowl and I didn't like the feeling of not having safety equipment in the car.
  3. nice...

    yeh my last 3 events this season are pda pocono aug 7th, pda summit point sept 12th, and the glen oct 9th. cant do lime rock in nov, my wife and I are expecting a girl.

    next season I plan to race wheel to wheel in EMRA's sprint or enduro season.
  4. I had bad experiances with them in the past, back in 96-99. LaRocca's is better IMO.
  5. Congrats on the baby. Definately life changing, for the better of course. My son will be three on Friday. Keep in touch.
  6. there ok but id reather go to Larocca's
  7. Where in NJ are you guys all from? I was from Buena, Down By Vineland, I am in the army now and In Germany...I put some shots of my ride and a link to my clubs website...drop me a line and let me know how Jersey is treatiny my fellow Stang brothers & Sisters
  8. Chris is a great guy, I used hiom back when he was in Randolph, NJ... ( Yea it was along time ago). He does greatr work and his prices can't be beat for labor rates.
  9. This is why the make so many different flavors of ice cream...