Exhaust Crazy Plan For Dual Exhaust. Thoughts??

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  1. Alright, before I begin let me set the background. I have a 2004 v6 Mustang. IMPORTANT NOTE: I lowered the car by cutting springs (probably sits 1.5 in lower? never measured.)

    Anyway, the goal/mission: To convert my single exhaust mustang to an Pacesetter h-pipe dual exhaust set up with Flowmaster Super 44s for AS CHEAP AS POSSIBLE. This is where I need the help from MustangEvolution. Review these possible routes I can take and reply with thoughts/concerns or other routes I didnt think of....

    Also, I am a teen driver and by no means mechanically knowledgable in the field but have done extensive research on nearly everything I mention. I have cute springs, replaced shocks and done a CAI myself with a bunch of appearance mods etc.

    Route 1.) A local exhaust shop said they would do what I want for about $350 *IF* I purchase the mufflers myself. 350+160(Flowmaster mufflers)= $510 total. (The shop said that if I buy the H-pipe he could take off maybe $100). So between $510-555

    Route 2.) In an attempt to save money on the cost of labor... cutting the y-pipe myself, installing the h-pipe myself and driving to the exhaust shop to have them finish the job (welding mufflers and the rest etc). I also would encounter issues getting to the exhaust shop because I would be driving without mufflers or any pipes at all (dangerous? Loud? legal issues?)
    $160 for mufflers + $145 for H-pipe + ???? for labor.

    Things to consider: How can I reduce bottom line costs? Should I have the shop custom fab an H-pipe? Would that reduce or increase labor/bottomline costs? Should I do it myself? Is there something I haven't thought about?

    Edit: Keep in mind any clearance issues I might have due to lowering the car.
  2. I bought my H pipe for $35 on ebay, a lot less than $100!
  3. Link????? Was it used, trusted brand, no install headaches or probs down the road?
  4. Unfortunately I don't have a link I did it 3 years ago, it wasn't a bolt on exhaust though I had a muffler shop custom fabricate everything from the shorty headers back. Left out the cats and when I tuned the ECU had the lower O222 2 sensors removed whole thing cost me $325 not including headers.
  5. Some personal experience...

    don't go with a welded exhaust. An exhaust shop that will fabricate the exhaust won't use ball-and-socket flanges to connect the exhaust, they will just weld it up completely. Maybe if you ask for that sort of connection they might do it, but for the most part they just weld everything.

    For your sake, you want the exhaust to be removeable. If you ever need to replace a trans, or clutch, you will need to cut the exhaust off and then reweld it back on.

    Had a buddy go to a shop for a custom off-road H-pipe and flowmaster setup. He wanted the H-pipe and cat-back but it was cheaper for the shop to fab him up a system. Paid $700 or so for it. Enjoyed it for a week and then blew his transmission. Went under the car to remove it and found the entire exhaust was welded. Even the header flanges were cut off and the h-pipe was welded to headers. He had to take a sawzall to his brand new exhaust at the headers, and tailpipes, remove the trans, replace it, and then drove the car to the shop to have it all rewelded back up again. Was a pain.

    Bolt-on exhaust may be a bit more expensive...but it allows for an easier time removing to replace stuff.