Mach 1 crazy

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  1. I am in a imaginary mustang club = 4 people a small towncircle I guess. A 19 year old kid with a new civic si told my freind danny that his si was twin turbo and produced 600 hp , we know nothing about him but he was trying to punk my freind out of a race .Dnny drives a 04 cobra smalerpully full boltons=473 hp the kid starts up about pinkslips and whate ever els he learned on tv . Danny said ok he thought the kid was joking the kids dad showed up with the paper work and said ok and the 2 idiots proceeded to stoplight race the only problem was the kids car was not fi at all it was a stock civic si the car ended up in dannys name and the kid acted like he couldnt understand 160 hp economy car <473hp cobra then it happens randy moves the car into the drive way and gets out and walks over to his truck and says hey kid watch this thinking the papper work was complete danny says flaten the rice before you steam it in front of this kid the kid is going nuts and randys got the car up against a tree and is continuosly hitting it with his f250 = big truck then he gets out of the truck and pi**es on the car then lights it on fire with the kid and his dad still watching needless tosay a few people went to jail and a few people got tickets and other are messed up for life.:eek:
  2. And it is all true couldnt have made this up if i tried / this took place in my front yard/ my neighbors yard.Just out side of longveiw city limits by the black cat fire works stand
  4. the only un truth in this story is the statement about rice steaming and the names of the people got changed for obvious reason / now 2 of the people i take my sunday drive with are in jail and I am out $300 in lawn repairs . drinking ,civics trucks and trees do not mix well
  5. I am not a import hater /but I dont think randy likes them much
  6. i dont believe this one bit
  7. And what's this have to do with a Mach 1.....:bs: