Creaking brake calipers

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  1. I recently replaced my front pads (Hawk HPS), rotors, and all brake hardware including slide pins. I flushed the fluid front and back. I bled all the calipers, and the master cylinder. I used brake quiet on the back of the pads, and greased the heck out of the slide pins, and the contact points of the brake hardware. I properly bedded the pads in. The car stops on a dime. I have no performance issues at all.
    My problem is that both of my front calipers are creaking like the front door of a haunted house. This started when I was flushing the fluid, and my son was pumping the pedal while I worked the bleed screws. I took it all back apart, and regreased everything. I don't know if my calipers need to be replaced or what. They work great so I hesitate to replace them. Maybe I should grease the back of the inboard pad instead of using brake quiet. Any suggestions?
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  2. Are you sure the creaking is coming from the calipers? Do I understand correctly that the noise was present while you were bleeding the brakes and the car wasn't moving?

    That's weird man... last time I had a creaking sound was when I needed tie-rod ends... not sure why brakes would creak :shrug:
  3. Never been a fan of brake quiet or anything like it. If you're brake system is in good working order then you shouldn't have to use any of those products. I agree with N8Dogg its weird that it is doing that with out the car moving...
  4. Yes, I'm sure it is the calipers. They creak loudly when you push the pedal, and again when you release it. The car doesn't have to be moving.
  5. Try replacing the slide pins before you spend money on new calipers.
  6. I already replaced them, and all the other hardware.
  7. Well you got me then, hopefully someone will chime in on this issue....
  8. I initially wanted to say tie rods because they'll definitely creak if they need to be replaced or greased, but if it does it while you aren't moving I'm stumped. Really there shouldn't be enough movement in the caliper when the brake is depressed to cause a creaking noise when stopped. The pads are already touching the rotor slightly, so how much room could there be for the caliper to move?

    Are you 100% sure it's coming from the caliper itself?

    Did you use a torque wrench when you installed the caliper bracket to steering knuckle and set the bolts to the appropriate torque?

    Have you checked if it is coming from the master cylinder?

    Does it make the noise regardless of whether or not the car is started?
  9. Yes, I pulled the wheels and stuck my head in the wheel well while my son worked the brake pedal. It's definitely the brakes.

    Yes I torqued the bolts.

    It's not the master cylinder.

    Yes it makes the noise whether started or not. You can just tap the brake and it won't do it, but when you apply full pressure to come to a stop it creaks.
  10. weird... maybe try bleeding them again just to be 100% sure there is no air in the caliper or the brake lines.

    Could it be coming from the brake line? Perhaps its time to replace them with some SS lines... just a thought...
  11. Yeah, I'll try bleeding them again. That's easy enough.

    I think I'll try a little brake grease where the pistons meet the back of the pad. I greased the heck out of everything else.

    I'm sure it's some part of the caliper.

    It sure is embarrassing to have a great looking and sounding car, and when you apply the brakes CREEEAK!
  12. I just replaced my calipers. From autozone they are $42.00 a piece after the core charge is refunded, so if they are the calipers, at least it won't break the bank.
  13. What was wrong with your calipers?
  14. One side froze up and wouldn't retract. So I just replaced both sides and installed my new cross drilled / slotted rotors and pads.
  15. Well, I finally got a chance to pull the calipers again, and take another look. I ended up putting some brake grease on the pistons where they meet the back of the pad, and all other pad/caliper contact points. I'm happy to report my brakes are perfectly quiet now. No more creaky haunted brakes!
  16. That's great to hear man! Thanks for posting the resolution back on here. I can't tell you how many times people who have issues never report what they did to fix it.
  17. No problem, I know what you mean. Thanks for your help.
  18. Anyone still on this topic? I had the same problem, did just the same things, but my creak came back in a couple weeks. Took the shim off the back pad, greased the area that contacts the pistons, worked for 2 days! Has anyone else had this problem? Did yours ever come back?
  19. Yes, it came back. I ended up swapping the positions of the inboard and outboard pads, and they stopped creaking. I assumed the pad with the shim was the inboard pad. I guess I was wrong.
    I have since switched to Akebono ceramic pads because the Hawk pads squealed and dusted so badly. The new ones are dead silent with the same original calipers.
  20. I've got a 99GT doing the same exact thing, it's about to drive me crazy..
    Not to mention the misfire problems I've finally fixed..